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warm white light led module

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warm white light led module Customers Reviews

  • Unbeatable price

    posted by brainzilla2

    They are warm-white and true 10W LEDs.So far I drive one of them in chain with two cold-white ones and the resulting light is pretty much an optimal balance between cold and warm.Light output checks out as far as I can tell by looking at it compared to the 3x cold-white setup.
    LED-lighting your home is getting interesting.Hope decent, dimable drivers will get cheaper and better soon.
    If you want warm LED-power or shift you cold 10W-array a bit get these.
  • it is very good

    posted by maxi06

    very gooooooooooooooood light and so much easy to install . Very bright led .low price .it is perfect to use in DIY system .very low consumption .
    high-power LED is very efficient, Very good luminance compared to normal 70w light bulb don't create a spot like the normal spotlight . The luminance is very smooth.I realized that really, I mean really, diminished the electricity bills by replacing the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs
    very good quality and quite cheap compared to their counterparts of the same quality .
  • good tiny LED module

    posted by aheadd

    very recommendable, easy-to-use, easy-to-connect, solid appearance, nice look, good outline and designt, very simple in creation, terminals come ready to weld and use.Very bright lights.
    no one I can rememberI would recommend this product, and I would buy it again, I guess. Let's see if they are long lasting in the end.
    I would recommend this product, and I would buy it again, I guess. Let's see if they are long lasting in the end.
  • Bright and well suited to replace different round tubes or ceiling lights

    posted by kalletam

    Bright and efficient. Minimalistic design but there are lot of lights where this can be used as replacement of old type of lamps with a little of engineering effort to make your ceiling light contemporary again.Need better packaging, mine was deformed during delivery but fortunately LEDs didn't suffer and device was functional
    Need definitely better packaging, it's quite large and mine was badly deformed during delivery but fortunately LEDs didn't suffer and device was still functional after re-deforming.
    Worth of purchasing, power efficient, remarkably more light when replacing halogen bulbs with the same power. A little engineering is required to make actual replacement.
  • Cheap, bright, essy to use

    posted by lechn

    Very good quality spot led device! Must be driven with constant current 300 mA at ~ 30V. Makes a good pair with the driver 102691 (12 W 300mA, 20-48V), although some flickering can be observed when fed from this device. Gives a very bright, warm light, the color temperature is much like an incandescent bulb. Can easily be fixed to any surface with three 4mm screws (and nuts).
    Gets reasonably hot when on, it's normal. Should be tightly connected to any flat metal surface with some thermal paste, not necessarily to the heat sink. High temperatures shorten led's life!
    Cheap, reliable, easy to use, very bright, warm light


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