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warm white light e27

These cool warm white light e27 are high quality and at affordable prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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warm white light e27 Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by GutoM

    It's quite cheap. Price of LED lamps in Brazil is five times DX prices. It works fine and has a good light. I put it in a lampshade beside my bed and it was quite enough as a side light.
    I bought several LED lights from DX during last two years. This one is quite good to use in a lampshade beside your bed, or to put in another place you just want a weak light.
    I bought three of this product. It's quite small and fits the smaller lampshades I have at home. It's a very good product and produces a soft warm light.
  • Very energy efficient

    posted by Esthreel

    I have a back-light switch for my bathroom. I has resistor for back light, and leaks few mA when off.This lamp is so crazy efficient that i lights my bathroom even when off :D
    It was a lot brighter than I expected. It can dimly lit even a 30 sq m room. I was thinking this was more of night light for baby. But actually I ended up using it in a bathroom. Because the constant on/off kills CFLs pretty fast.
    Very nice lamp, if the price drops, I will get more.
  • Replaced a 20W CLF.

    posted by inigoml

    Low power.Very easy to use.Warm white, almost same that an incandescent one.No upper beam.Instant on at full power.Bajo consumo.Muy fácil de usar.Color amarillo, casi igual que una incandescente.No pierde luz por la parte superior.Se enciende al instante dando el máximo de luz.
    A good purcharse. With this one, I've replaced all my CLF and incandescent lights with led, saving a lot in my power bill.Una buena compra. Con este, he reemplazado todas las lámparas CLF e incandescentes de casa ahorrando una gran suma en la factura eléctrica.
  • So-So

    posted by darkstalker

    Item is cheaper than what is being sold in the local retail stores. Low watts and good light output for a small room or work area. The room is lit up just nice, not too bright and not too dim.
    Well for the amount of light it produce and the price of it, I would say it a good buy even if the colour is slightly off
    Just buy if of you looking to replace those bulbs that are non LED.
  • Nice lamp!

    posted by Snake2004

    I just love these LEDs 5050. Nice warm tone of light. Eyes a rest. Check the wattage or the number of lumens is not possible, but it shines brighter than the same at 3W. Good for local coverage. If you use pieces 10 then can be good and light the whole room. All parts are well seated. Proceedings of decent quality. LEDs are not covered by anything, it should also be borne in mind in order not to short out anything.Came the light bulb in the package and normalnoy even a whole))
    It would be interesting to try a brighter bulb, but that probably will be heated much higher. Can such a body take so much heat? Probably better to take a light bulb with a large aluminum heatsink. And the product completely satisfied, you can use.

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