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  • Ceiling light to replace a recessed incandescent fitting

    posted by rolypolynz

    Cost - relatively cheapOne detail missing from the specifications, it fits a 153mm hole in the ceiling.Runs cool to touch even after several hours of being switched on. This means there is less heat loss through the ceiling as I can cover the light with insulation.
    Definitely a warm light but much whiter than a 100W incandescent bulb. Would probably look ok if these were the only lights in the ceiling but next to regular lights, it looks too bright and white.
    Looks like I'll be replacing all my light fittings with these :)
  • Second sun

    posted by profanity

    I ordered it to replace a 120W halogen lamp, which it does perfectly.
    It's a killer light source, if it would come in a metal case it would be perfect.
    If you do not care about, or are skilled enough to modify the lamp to block the signals, buy it !I am getting some more to replace 4x30W TL lightning, combine it with a sensor and save myself at least 500kWh a year.
  • Bright LED light

    posted by Lindiny

    The light is extremely bright and lights up my little hall pretty well.The direction of the beam is adjustible.It uses only 3 Watt so it is energy savingEasy to install.
    I will try to "glue" a colour filter in front of the 3 LEDs to make it less white
    DE should put White in the description in stead od warm white, since it is really not warm. Otherwise it is a great lamp! I would advise to use it when you need lots of light, like a storage room, garage or walk in closet...
  • Nice natural color, excellent finish

    posted by Nygma

    I am very satisfied with the quality of this product. The acrylic cover is nicely machined and frosted inside. There a 6 SMD LEDs inside, which look something like SKU 146614 from the picture. The heatsink at the back is more than enough. It hardly gets warmer than hand temperature. The frost on the acrylic is enough to merge the light from the individual LEDs.
    You can unscrew the acrylic from the base and also the heatsink and the LEDs from the base too. It is completely serviceable in case you need to fix it later on, or you want to hack it.Color temperature is colder than traditional or energy efficient bulbs, but still far from cold light.
    I recommend this product.
  • Good ceiling lights

    posted by atabraha

    I got three of these more than two months ago, and they replaced three halogen lights of each 10W above the mirror in the restroom.This LED light is much brighter and colder lights. About the same light color as a florescent tubes. The main parts are made of aluminum. The quality seems to be good, with big heat sinks.The light can be tilted a few degrees to each side.Easy to mount in a plate.
    As with all LED lamps, make sure that they don't run too hot (let air flow around the heat sink).
    Good ceiling lamp. Pleasant light that can be tilted. After 2 months, all 3 lamps are still working perfectly.


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