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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase warm white light bulb here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. spot light bulb warm white or t10 white light bulb contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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warm white light bulb Customers Reviews

  • Nice product

    posted by Mawco

    - It is nice product. - It can be used as light for reading lamp or similar. - The color of light is nice and pleasant and warm, somewhere about 2800K not 3500K. It is very close to halogen bulb color that i like.- It is brighter than sku 148445 (420lm)- Color of light is warmer than sku 148445- It is smaller than sku 148445 - It is cheaper than sku 148445
    Nice and usefull 3W led product, good for replacing 10W halogen bulbs.
    I wish i could replace 20W halogen bulb with it, if lumen rating was correct (270lm). That what i was expecting.. So i am little dissapointed by that.
  • Great bulb!!

    posted by eilrahc

    Led high gloss much like the 50W halogen lamp. The color of the light is very nice. The price is more than cheap! Looks good and luxury.
    I only have it for a single day, so I don't know how long will it last. Hopefully more than the regular Halogen which tend to have a very short life span. Overall, a great product.
    Both me and my wife are very happy with this purchase. we are considering in buying some more. Everything ok, it was really good trade.
  • Probably the best one

    posted by speleoarc

    - Very bright, much brighter than 35W halogens and 7W luminescent lamps.
    - Light is really “warm white”, comfortable for eyes, may be a bit more greenish than in halogens, but surely not blue.
    - Fits perfectly MR16 spots, no problems with latch.
    - Diffuse light.
    - Price is the best I could find.
    - Seems solid.
    Previously I have tried different luminescent and LED lamps. 11W GU5.3 lamps made in Germany died after half-year. Branded 7W GU5.3 lamps (made in Hongkong) work fine but they are not so bright even like 35W halogens and very “slow”.
    Branded 2.8W LED bulbs (also from China) are not so bright as well and cost in Russia 1.5-2 times more than 4W-5W bulbs from DX.
    Except this sku.81005 I tried 4W sku.80126, 4W sku.68459, 3W sku.58930, 3.5W sku.51520 and 4(?)W sku.44577 from DX. The item exceeds all of them (and all of them exceed or equal to 7W luminescents and 35W halogens).
    A good and cost-effective replacement for halogen and luminescent MR16 spots.
    The lifetime is a question, so will see.
  • 2w LEDs

    posted by Rabarebane

    Low wattage with high lumens. Quite useful when designing a lamp. Just dozen of these will light up the room.
    They are easy to use, you just have to have an adequate power supply. Old device powersupplies are usually great ways to get enough power to light these up.
    Best price so far. So gonna order more of these.
  • Beautiful light

    posted by thany

    The light color that comes off of these lamps, is surpizingly nice. It's not as warm as an incandescant bulb, but it's close enough and definately outperfoms most LED lamps at similar price points, when it comes to warm color.Build quality is okay. It's plastic, but it's good plastic. I'm not sure the transparent part is of much use though.
    Please do use a fitting that has some kind of cover, as looking into LED lamps can hurt your eyes. Also because this lamp doesn't look particularly interesting.On the flip side, it means these lamps fit very well in flat fitting (like those round ones you see on ceilings).
    If you're looking for a LED lamp that lights in all directions and has nice color, go for this one. It just won't be as bright as you might expect.


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