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Every single warm white led displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We recommend warm white led 50, led 72w warm white as hot products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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warm white led Customers Reviews

  • solid construction

    posted by tsip899

    Good construction qualityEasy to useNice price (hope to come down a little bit) compared to local prices in greece. It fits easily.Warm white light is the best... really warm.I would say suprisingly good bulbThe bulbs come in their original packaging, undamaged.
    All work perfectly for now .. It's diameter was some mm bigger and i could't easily fit them to the spot, so you have to pay attention of your spot diameter first !
    If you plan to change your old spot lights this is a choice i recomend .
  • 10W 3500K LED Alternative...

    posted by wampyz

    very bright 3500 K light when driven at max spec of 12 V and 900 mA... less bright and warmer 3000 K light when driven at 650 mA... cheaper alternative to the other 900 lumen 3500 K LED chips offered on this site...
    you can over drive these chips with slightly higher current... definitely do not try without a heat sink as it will fry even faster and potentially go into thermal runaway... have over driven the chips to 1050 mA with proper heat sinking...
    better value LED chip than the other comparable ones on this site...
  • Excelent Product, Low price, good quality

    posted by marianlomas

    Low price. Warm white light. Nice in my Christmas tree. Good quality. Easy to use and change tipe of light. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    None --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Would recommend buy this product. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Great

    posted by zwanzig

    Accepts a wide range of input voltage.Bright light for the price.No polarity.
    I have only tested it with DC voltage (car battery and voltage hub), so I don't know how it works with AC or halogen drivers.
    Great light for the price.
  • Nice and elegant LED-light

    posted by torbjornlilja

    This LED light has a good build quality. It feels solid, and should not easily brake. It looks god in place in the roof. The light is good enough and replaces the halogen lamps in a good way. The silver/grey front of the lamp melts good with the armature.
    It saves a lot of energy compared to the halogen lamps, and doesn't get nearly as hot as them.
    If they were cheaper i would replace more of my other lamps.

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