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warm white lamp

If you want to purchase warm white lamp, this is your best place to buy it. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Find more popular products from e27 warm white, warm white flashlight. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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warm white lamp Customers Reviews

  • Indeed more than 1000 lm

    posted by Morsk

    I am buying (and testing) LEDs for many years now, but they rarely meet the spec. This one does! And the price is really extremely low. Good results in my one week life test too.
    I see many reviews asking for supply proposals. Some hints:- Never use a fixed voltage supply as the LED voltage changes with temperature, so your current may go everywhere.- You can choose a supply with a little over rating as it is quite easy to reduce the current by changing the current measuring resistor (the most prominent one on the board).- This one from DX works fine with 900mA, 10W, SKU: 42745.I have done a sort of life test for this product. Had it on for a week at 11W while measuring current, voltage and luminance. I did not see any change. Note I used a (bit overdone) heat sink with a rating of 1.8K/W, so with 11W just 11x1.8= 20 degrees above ambient.
    I hope they will be available soon again.
  • Good light, works @ AC 12V, max 150mA

    posted by Libor1

    Works well with AC (AC/DC converter inside), good light collor, good packaged, good quality. Price could be lower.
    Nice as a decoration not enough to replace light source of 10W halogen bulb. Wanted to replace 10W bulbs but the light is not so strong.It took 5 weeks to get it here.
    No way to get 2,6W @ 12V. Only higher voltage would allow to drive higher current - 216mA, but the LED will start to smell soon from overheating.
  • excellent

    posted by nirfxar

    Great lamp. I changed almost all my home lamp to led lumination with this lamp. Good quality, never had problems with them or more than a year now. Price is ok for this kind of lamp. Using it outside and inside.
    Light is warm.I am using 220v.Working good with light sensors, but might have problems with dimmer
    very recommended light bulb. Great value.
  • Bright light

    posted by papajack

    Very bright, solid and usefull light, more than I thought. White balance is equal on all 5 items bought.Nice aluminium build.Lamps are situated in bathroom and resistant enough against damp/fog.
    The build in size is 10cm diametre, so a bit different than advertised.Bottum and top are screwed together, so easy to open/close if needed.
    Very good, a quality product. I am thinking about buying some more.
  • too weak for bigger places

    posted by Gus1979

    very good quality.
    saves energy.
    very good for the environment
    I think that the price is dropping and in a few months it'll be cheaper.
    I bought 8, and only one has a problem. It's working only with 11 of 21 leds.
    Now I bought E27 4W 360-Lumen 3500K Warm White Lamp Bulb (110~260V) (sku: 54676) expecting that it'll be brighter.

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