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warm white bulb Customers Reviews

  • TZY E27 7W lightbulb

    posted by Hubear

    This lamp is small, smaller than I thought it would be. The light it's emitting is comparable with a 35W light-bulb. It is very usable for a floor-lamp.
    None I could think off at this moment..
    I have placed the lamp in our veranda-light outside our house, must see how it behaves in the cold temperatures this year. It is replacing an old 11W PL-light that has startproblems by cold or freezing temperatures.
  • Great bulbs

    posted by Spruceplywood

    They really have a warm light. The kelvin rating is the same as a regular oldfashioned light bulb, and I don't have any reason to say anything other than that is correct. I have 3 of them out in my yard so I can see where I'm going. I live in a very dark area... For this porpoise they are not quite as bright as most people want. But I am happy. For my needs they give out enough light. I have an old fashioned light with 3 bulbs so I wanted something that looks kind of like candle light. And these do. Outside lights are usually socket E27 and so is mine. But I also ordered SKU: 37492 to get rid of that problem. And now they also come a bit higher up. And I wanted that.
    I also have other led bulbs that are 1.5w, 3500k and 122lm and these are just slightly darker. But I consider the 1.5w bulbs extremely good and have the all over my house...Another thing is I live up north and we have well beyond freezing temperatures. And I have noticed that when really cold they struggle to keep frost of the glass on the outside lights. But that is just the price one pays for low power consumption.
    Does not shine like a led bulb at all. They look classically beautiful both turned on and off. And for the money (remember the price is for two) and the quality they are a good buy.
  • Very bright, cool colour LED

    posted by SuperS

    - Very bright LED assembly from a small package- Easy to use kit with 2 adapters to fit most applications- Double sided tape/foam assembly will adhere to most surfaces.- good quality soldering of LEDs
    - LED assembly is NOT 3.6W; it uses 0.128A @ 12V (~1.54W)- See 101374 for similar LED (slightly warmer colour but about the same brightness)- As other reviewer mentioned, assembly heats up when it's on (~48C when ambient is 22C). Most of these LEDs max out around 85C so you wouldn't want to leave it on for prolonged periods if your car is at 40C in the sun.- would requires some sort of diffuser so you don't temporarily blind yourself
    a good LED assembly for use in applications where a very bright LED is required in a small package.
  • great light

    posted by Glennpedersen

    great LED light emitter, almost fits a standard E 27 light socket, send out a light that are close to a 40 Watt fluorescent light
    i thought it didn't worked at first, but the problem was that the E27 socket didn't really fit with the LED.
    all in all a great LED light for the money i had to give four times as much if i wanted one from denmark.thanks againg Deal Extreme for being so cheap.
  • Good amount of light, CFL color

    posted by anlan

    The price is what I expected for this kind of bulb.
    The bulb feels solid, is well built and is only slightly longer than an old incandescent bulb.
    The amount of light is the same as, or at least close to, a 40W incandescent. While warm, it stays a lot cooler than a regular bulb.
    I hoped to put this bulb above the kitchen table, but I couldn't stand the color there. I'm a sucker for incandescent bulbs still.
    I sure will put it somewhere else though, since this amount of lumens for only 5W is quite useful.

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