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warm light led 12v Customers Reviews

  • 1156 LED Bulb Great for intermittent use.

    posted by fuzvulf

    First off is the price, great price and value.Fits the 1156 bulb socket perfectly.More durable than incandescent.Light color is a good balance. I do not have any way to measure it but it is not as harsh as some other LED lights.
    Most of the limitations of this item are probably what keeps it so affordable. I had bought it as a replacement for incandescents in my camper. The 12 volt lighting system uses 1156 bulbs for reading lights and mood lighting. The price was great but it just wasn't up to continuous use. It worked great as a light. It would work great if I only had to use it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.
    For the price, I'd give it a try again. It would probably work well in older car applications as long as the reflectors were in order.
  • Excellent

    posted by RedChaosDragon

    Easy to install and works great even color / luminosity. High quality encapsulation, even and no bubbles. 12v is easy to find and simple to wire.
    Great for open areas but enclosed spaces that have a potential for high heat should be avoided. Great for indirect lighting.
    Good quality price ratio. Easy to install, simple to wire. Easy to cut and rewire.
  • Nice product

    posted by Mawco

    - It is nice product. - It can be used as light for reading lamp or similar. - The color of light is nice and pleasant and warm, somewhere about 2800K not 3500K. It is very close to halogen bulb color that i like.- It is brighter than sku 148445 (420lm)- Color of light is warmer than sku 148445- It is smaller than sku 148445 - It is cheaper than sku 148445
    Nice and usefull 3W led product, good for replacing 10W halogen bulbs.
    I wish i could replace 20W halogen bulb with it, if lumen rating was correct (270lm). That what i was expecting.. So i am little dissapointed by that.
  • Great replacement of 20W halogens

    posted by Pyuaumch

    These lamps are perfect replacement of 20W halogens - same brightness, same color temperature (maybe just a bit cooler).
    I wonder why it has "AC/DC" in specifications, it seems that these lamps work correctly only with DC voltage; with AC board elements get extremely hot and even smoking!
    Make sure your power unit outputs DC voltage, cause I had extreme overheating issue with AC unit.
  • OK replacement for halogen bulbs

    posted by kohai

    This G4 replacement LED bulb has an fairly correct colour temperature according to the description. But it is not quite "warm white" compared to a halogen bulb.
    It seems eems relatively well built compared to other brands. Fits nicely into standard G4 socket (down-light)
    The light flow more is even due to the number of LEDs.
    I did buy three for testing, and have not experienced flickering. Maybe my transformator is better than the swedish guy's. For the litte difference in coour temperature, see uploaded photos from me.
    G4 replacement LED that goes well with other light sources, but is a littel to white alone. I use it for decoration lightning and over the kitchen benchø. I measured 1456 mA at 12V, and that would give 1,74W power consumption. If it gives 1,2W light, there will be 0,54 W in heat.

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