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warm led Customers Reviews

  • Very good LED Bulb

    posted by tomaskud

    Low consumption than standard halogen bulbs, warm white light, not hot even it´s running a long time. I have a kitchen light with 3 halogen bulbs (together it´s 45W) and now I using one halogen bulb and 2 these LEDs.
    If you have f.e. a kitchen light with 3 halogen bulbs and you change all of these halogen bulbs for these LEDs, the light will light very bad - you must keep one halogen bulb in this light!
    For this price it´s very good
  • Barely replaces my 35W halogens

    posted by Schlage

    This seems to be the highest lumen rated LED lightbulb that DX offers.
    It fits in the MR16 slots nicely
    This is allegedly a 5W bulb with 400 lumen and it can barely replace a 35W halogen, how do any of the 2-4W bulbs come even close to fulfilling the market needs of replacing MR 16 35W halogen bulbs.
    Most of the 400 lumen is in a relatively tight spotlight which makes it seem less bright than a 35W halogen
  • Bon achat

    posted by gquennev

    Bon éclairage très semblable au GU10 de 35w. Exactement la même dimension que l'originale (halogène). Peu ou pas de chaleur émise contrairement à halogène.
    livraison lente (3 semaines). Je ne sais pas si la durée de vie sera vraiment supérieure aux lampes halogènes
    Après 2 semaines d'utilisation (±60hres) tout est ok. Je recommanderais l'achat quoique un peu dispendieuse
  • Great lamp, highly recommended

    posted by Xtracted

    Very good light with a wide spread angle. Good quality. Impressive for a LED spotlight.
    I will use these as main lighting in my house that I am currently building. The spread angle and lumen is sufficient for use as a primary light source.
    I will buy more of these. I will also try other LEDs from the same manufacturer.
  • Does not give as much lught as expected

    posted by Grijan

    * Really cheap, specially compared to local alternatives.* Very small. In fact, smaller than 25-40 W. incandescent bulbs.
    Good for use at secondary locations (kitchen, bathroom, entry porch...). Its low light and strange color doesn't make it fit for the main places of the home (living room, bedroom, hall).
    Cheap, but doesn't meet the specifications promised. If you understand the cons, it can be a good buy.

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