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  • Just works

    posted by HiVoltage

    This thing just works, as long as you understand how you need to connect it. In case you find trouble in understanding the Chinese instructions and diagram, when seen from the back with the terminals on top, it should be connected as follows:Left - Load (to the lamp's live terminal)Centre - Live (supply)Right - NeutralOne thing I like about these is that they do not use relay switches, so you don't hear clicks every time you pass by, and so there are also no mechanical points of failure. However, although no relays are used, the supply to the lamps is clean, and inductive loads work just fine. I have tried CFLs and LED bulbs, and they work without any flickering or strange behaviour
    Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. The price isn't too high, and they just work for me. I used these in a frequently used passage where everyone is normally too much in a hurry to bother switching the lights on. This helped me making home a safer place.
  • very usefull

    posted by lightning1976

    looks goodgood qualityworks fine
    would be nice if we could change the time it worksnow it stays on for 40 sec.for me it's good I use it in the toilet maybe when you use it in another place it would be easier that it stays on a little bit longer
    I say: buy it!!!! works great very usefull and it's kinda funny and looks expensivein the netherlands this costs much more than at DE
  • good product

    posted by sasos

    It is exactly what I was looking for for my stairs. They are closed from all sides and with two corners, so movement sensor isn't good choice. On other side this voice sensor works perfectly. It isn't to sensitive, so loud voices, chair moving ... from other room don't trigger the light.
    I installed it on 60 W 12 V power supply. You just have to put in mind, that it has to be max. ca. 0,5 m of wire from this switch to power supply/light etc. or it won't work.
    Very good product if movement sensor isn't suitable solution. I recommend it!

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