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wall light switch

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wall light switch Customers Reviews

  • Nice bought

    posted by diego10arg

    . The plastic looks very nice and high quality. (really!). Ships with a diagram which it may not be too helpful for those who doesn't know how to read them.. It let's you choose the time the light will be On after motion being detected.. It has another option to let you choose how the ambience light will affect the On/Off switch.
    Nice bought!
    It's working properly, I would buy something smaller if ever need a new one.
  • low-light+sound activated light-switch

    posted by jeoppy

    the switch is easy to understand /install and use
    comes packed neatly - so no scratch , and good condition
    the electric holes for the wires are big enough to hold 1-3 Quardrat copper wire
    as well the sound level it is sensetive to is very good - meaning even a sudden -Boo!- will operate it .
    it's delay is betwine 50 to 80 seconds
    meaning that the light (or any other utility connected to it) will work for 50 -till 80 seconds and then stop
    and i didn't see any way to open the box and change the delay
    i think it will be idle in toilets - where short time is spent there
    but not for living room for example
  • very good sensitivity

    posted by f11lbert

    very good sensitivity - it catchs movement from any direction and from long enough distance.the load connected by mechanical relay so it is pretty safe.
    it is more sensitive that three times more expensive item from local store. So I replaced local thing with this one because it is more convenient and you do not have to wait and do stupid movements while it switched on light.
    I would recommend it to anybody.

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