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The perfect walkie talkie channel here to meet all your needs. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. People who browse walkie talkie channel also browse walkie talkie holder and cellphone walkie talkie. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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walkie talkie channel Customers Reviews

  • Good birthday present for 10-y.o.

    posted by atsarikova

    It really works. Though we are using them as a toy, they can be used when hiking or camping, or travelling with friends in different cars.
    My kids asked for these walkie-talkies as a birthday present on their 10th anniversary. They really work at a long distanse, outside much better than in a building like school. But kids are happy and enjoy them very much.
    Can be used when hiking or camping, or travelling with friends in different cars.
  • TYT TH-F8

    posted by frannko

    portable and lightweightsounds is very crisp and clearhear no background noise at allQuality feels greatbattery is impressively neatLCD got 3 colours to choose from orange, blue and purplevery easy to usevery decent valuehighly recommend this for any friend whom is willingly to invest in a good walkie talkie
    going to put in a new order
    this products is delivered above expectation in all aspects you can expect for a walkie talkieI bought 2 pieces and will reorder for another 4 pieces.
  • YST T-300

    posted by pjcon63

    This is a handy little radio with lots of features, lots of channels, LCD panel, keys that are back lit, rubber antenna and a belt clip. Not difficult to set the language from Chines to English. It can also be set to the PMR channels, which i have stored as numbers 1 to 8. A Kenwood size mic sp plug. A nice clear tone and a good mic pick up, however, i have not tested the range yet.
    I think this is a good buy has lots of capabilities for such a small radio i managed to program channels and store them and change the language very easily.
    Can be used in Ireland or England so buy with confidence.
  • Great UHF Radio

    posted by adb-001

    Manual programming of this device is not easy especially with the poor english manual. Previous post user recommended software to use with USB programming cable to program and this made programming this device soooo much easier. Download: http://www.tyt888.com/WebEditor/UploadFile/2009923142720455.rar (TYT-900 device)and USB Drivers:http://www.tyt888.com/WebEditor/UploadFile/20101116144936454.rarUnpack and install on Windows XP (Do not use Windows 7 as it does not work. I ran up a Windows XP machine in Virtualbox and it worked nicely)USB programming cable is SKU: 66578 and works with this unit.I have not been able to test Australian UHF 80 Channel programming yet as I have no other devices to test with. (SHould have bought two of these for the price)FM Radio works well picked up MixFM Melbourne no problems.
    Good sturdy unit. Solid build good display and good audio. Has spoken channels (bit wanky) and also have 12.5 KHz frequency steps which is good. Also states to store 199 channels and from the looks of it will meet that statement. Only programmed 80 in at the moment. I intend to program the Aus V8 Supercars frequencies into this also.
    For the money buy two and 1 USB programming cable. Use the Aus UHF CD Radio site (http://www.uhfcb.com.au/80-Channel-UHF-Information.php) for the 80 CH frequencies and spend 30min plugging them into the software. Save the 80CH to a dat file to use on the other device/subsequent devices. This is my saviour.
  • Great for kids

    posted by dandymon

    Very cheap and hard wearing. I also found these the easiest to program as they work with various pieces of software.Does indeed tune from 400MHz and the flashlight is a nice touch for those camping.
    If you program these into PMR frequencies (and reduce the power of course to stay legal ;o) they are excellent as toys and even then some for camping. They are not to be sniffed at.
    Get one at least - they are that cheap but I think the BF888s are better in quality if you want to go for a quality radio.

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