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You can find fashionable walkie talkie battery at a low price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Find more popular products from walkie talkie rechargeable, fm walkie talkie. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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walkie talkie battery Customers Reviews

  • Works super in my tractor.

    posted by JurgenMergan

    - Good quality- wire is long enough for easy use- battery fits perfectly on my Wouxun ans Maas- easy to use- Cigare plug fits tightly in the socket so this ensures that power is never interrupted- Always delivers 8.4V to the handset so full power is always available-Perfect for use in car, truck, tractor, ...- With this battery eliminator it seems that my handset receives better and can send further.Maybe it's due to better grounding.
    This is just ideal for me on my long working days in the tractor. Batteries can get drained when used intensively but with this battery eliminator you don't have that problem. It's always full power !!
    DX is the best shop, this is the best buy, best price and best quality of battery eliminator you can get for your Wouxun/Maas.
  • Exactly like the one that came with the UV-5R

    posted by Daijus

    The battery works, the battery fits nicely on my Baofeng UV-5R.The original charger can also charge a battery without the radio attached.It looks exactly the same as the battery that came with the radio.
    a case or pouch would be nice with it, now i use an old sock to kinda protect the battery against short circuit in my pocket
    i bought a extra battery with my radio because i like to have more then 1 battery, just in case one of them goes bad
  • Good quality and the best price !!

    posted by JurgenMergan

    - Lightweight and very strong- Wire is long enough- Cigare plug fits tightly- Always gives you full power for TX- Works like a charm- Good quality- Cheapest on the internet
    This is the cheapest and the best battery eliminator I found on the entire internet.The build quality is very good and it can handle rough conditions.I use it in one of my tractors on the farm and it's very nice to have full power, always and never having to change the battery.It fits my Baofeng UV-5R (and also RA/RE/5R+) perfectly.
    This is Ideal for car, truck, tractor use.Also it seems that the handset receives better and transmits further. Maybe that's due to the better grounding.Best buy !!
  • good

    posted by fmvespa

    The device is very simple, has a very good finishing, assembly perfectly with the radio, good grip. It is the same color as the radio (does not change the tone)is very light.
    installation is very simple, as it brings the radio battery.The difficulty that I found is that when you want to take out the batteries is difficult. Dipode should terner another grip, such as screws. Desta simplest seriously change the batteries.
    ideal for people who have a high intake of energy and do not have a simple access..

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