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On this page, you can find a wide selection of walkera rc helicopter. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Browse the products from rc helicopter android, or some other related Pages like rc helicopter gears. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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walkera rc helicopter Customers Reviews

  • Quality seems good but didn't work for my HBFP

    posted by helibuster

    Quality looks good. Shape and size is almost identical to the original ESky HBFP blades when stacked up, but weight a little more.
    Info for those considering to use it for HBFP:
    I am not very successful with this even though the shape and size are identical when stacked up side by side with the esky blades. It is either they have some extra pitch or weight, the 4 in 1 mixer need to max out the tail roter speed to just keep the rudder straight.
    Then the right turn with rudder is very sloppy and the gyro does not have room to correct situations when added right rudder is need. Tail motor gets real hot as it needs to be maxed out. The heli can barely fly after a lot of adjustments but it is quite unstable.
    Finally, I putting the glued up original blades back on and do some adjustments the 4 in 1 and it flies nicely again.
  • Wonderful value

    posted by merenguele

    Perfect replacement and perfect fit.
    Can't say difference with original one.
    The construction is very good, no deformations or blur edges.
    The price is fantastic as it is a 4 piece set.
    Black color, light weight, aparently well balanced... I think I could try to use these for something more than my helicopter tail, maybe some kind of quadracopter, or an hovercraft...
    When I recieved them in the buble envelope I thought it would be deformed or broken, but they came in very well shape, no sight of damage in the post.
    I think I will ask for some more so I will have more spares and for new do it yourself projects
  • I recommend this item

    posted by vectorr3

    Item shiped well packed and well protected.Looks like the picture and It's the same quality as the helicopter original.I will buy other one with no doubt and will look for other helicopter fix parts.
    No other thoughts. It will be great to let you pick different colors.You must wait 5 or 6 weeks to get your helicopter fixed.I recommend you tu buy 2 or 3, because it's really really cheap.
    No bottomline.
  • Great replacement tail rotor set

    posted by FRGT10

    It is the same as the original replacement part. The build quality seems pretty good, for the price, witch is lower then the price of the most of the replacement part stores. There are five of them for the price of one offered on ebay and other sites.
    When the package came, one of the tail rotors was broken, probably during transportation. Not a big deal, another 4 to fly my walkera with.
    Good replacement of your broken one, for a really good price. Installation is very easy, even if you do not have technical skills. Just pull out the broken one, and insert the new one. Enjoy flying.
  • Exelent!! Perfect balance hobby/toy

    posted by Bighope

    This is a fantastic R/C helicopter for starters!! I've never owned nore tried flying R/C Helicopter, but allready I'm starting to controll the hoover and square exersise. It has suffered LOTS of "hard landing"(crashes), but still everything is in order (one side landinggear needs a litle drop of glue,but what would you expect?)
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!!

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