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  • Nice look and cheap

    posted by Kasatkin

    - Very cheap
    - Good looking gadget for dancing party
    - Works as claimed, recognizes music beat (exactly low frequencies)
    No other thoughts found yet
    Buy this. It's cheap. Light flashing smiles will bring you good mood.
  • Most likely better on anything else than garments

    posted by elbowski

    Delivers what you'd expect for this price :)
    Cable connecting the battery pack and the transfer is not slotted, so it can be connected either way around. This does not damage either part, but simply, the direction to which the visualizer graphics are activated gets reversed.On a 3VDC supply, the current draw is slightly under 180mA with the visualizer completely lit. Thus, don't expect to get many hours of use from a set of batteries.I also tested running the product on a +5VDC supply and with this, the current draw went up to around 300mA. With this voltage, you'll get more brighter light from the visualizer. Not sure how the increased voltage and current draw might affect in the long run. This also increased the high-pitched sound emanating from the internal transformer.
    I can't really see this product permanently sticking to a garment or able to withstand machine wash with the double-sided tape included. If you're planning to do so, using some sort of a textile glue might prove more long-lasting.The product is definitely a lot better if attached to any other surface more solid (f.ex. plastic or wood).
  • Good unit

    posted by MildLeeIntrstd

    Very small unit.Round 30mm face makes panel mounting very easy (compared to a square or rectangular meter). I used a chassis punch to get a neat hole, but a 30mm hole saw would work just as well.Orange "icon" logo and scale are very easy to remove and replace, making it easy to customise.Build quality is very good for a unit of this price. Cover is attached with small tape tabs, but this makes access to the face easy and the cover can then be glued on more permanently if desired.
    I am running these directly from micro controller outputs via a 10k resistor using PWM to set the needle position. The current is so small that back EMF from the coil does not seem to be an issue - at least I have not experienced any problems so far using this method and no "flyback" diodes.
    Very pleased with these and I will be purchasing more.
  • Analog VU Meter

    posted by tigercz

    Its very cheap, usefull VU meter with standard design. I want to install this meter to my computer case and car maybe :-) I recommend use this VU meter in pair - to left and right canal.
    My connection: VU meter - in parallel 10uF capacito - in seriel 180ohm resistor - in seriel diode to release only positive part of sinuse wave.
    Cheap usefull VU meter which need some electronic part to correct working.
  • Camiseta

    posted by pimjunior

    Muito legal, funciona bem.. mas tem alguns problemas que vcs verao logo abaixo. 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters
    Deveria vir em uma caixa, ou apenas o painel vir no meio de dois papeloes para evitar esse tipo de problema.
    Malha parece ser de boa qualidade, ainda nao lavei pra ver.


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