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You'll find the best volume control plug for you here. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. jack volume control or telephone volume control may offer more options for you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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volume control plug Customers Reviews

  • The best iPad accessory

    posted by Nygaarden

    This old phone looking speaker and microphone is a great way to communicate when calling someone from my iPad. I can talk in a normal phone without looking like a monkey talking in an iPad. The material feels like silicon, but it is hard and feels like good quality in my hands. The volume and play/pause button works as it should on my iPad 3. There size of the phone is in real size and fits perfect to my ear and mouth when talking in it.
    I still use it when talking and I am satisfied with it
    It is good quality material and feels like a real old phone for an modern device. It is a good buy if you need to talk and you have no other ways to talk. It is also fun looking and liked by my friends.
  • great headphones!

    posted by gez1000

    Good looking design, good Mic position and very flexible, Mic stays exactly where you put it every time, very comfortable. Great sound and build quality.
    Need bigger ear cones but that is a small problem, I would like to see a choice of colors, but the red is not too bright and they look like a professional set of headphones.
    Excellent piece of equipment for under $15. I use these for several hours a day, every day, and If these break within a year I would be VERY surprised, and I would have no problem ordering them again.
  • Great pair of headphones with a good depth of sound

    posted by Thefathead

    great size cups ears nicely very comfortable, looks great, nice long cable, works great with in game chat on steam and skype! good sound cancellation also.
    looks lovely and not a bit of trouble with it yet! It also comes with some cool sades sitckers that you can put on the headphones or on anything! nice little touch!
    great product at a great price definitely recommend!
  • Quite good quality, prefect working

    posted by Sparkster84

    The quality is quite good. Actually, these earphones sound much better than these kind of quite-cheap-earphones use to. The buttons are good quality as well, quite big, so they are really comfortable to use. The cable is flat, and because of that, when you take it out of your pocket, you never find a mess, which is really nice.
    Maybe the cable is a little short. It's more or less the usual length, but when keeping the phone in a pocket, sometimes is not enough.
    It's a little expensive for DX standards, but the quality is quite good. The sound is great and the working of buttons is great as well. I tested it with my nexus one (Android) and it works like a charm.
  • great! crystal clear sound

    posted by gostskull

    these are so clear. the ones that come with the xbox are 19, these are 9. i can never hear clearly i say what 1000 times with themthese i havnt said what did you say once. their comfortable for a time. with 5 mins break every hour or so. the cups dround out all other sound making these simply incredible for the price i would probably buy again IF i didnt want an expensive one
    worth it, get it if you need a mic. i dont even care if they break after 3 months (doubt they will)
    definatly worth it! screw the microsoft mics

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