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voltmeter module Customers Reviews

  • Great quality component!

    posted by sadgoat

    Nicely built compact adjustable voltage drop adjustable. Switch allows to view input and output in a nicely sized display. Adjustment screw is nicely sized to not be easily mis-adjusted. Voltage display switch is also conveniently located.
    Comes with stand offs and build quality appears to be very good. Using this drop a 12 volt gel cell down to 5 volts for a remote camera.///////////
    Great value for a well built component. Set screws for lead attachment appear to be quality and tighten down snuggly. I found that an oversize plastic TicTac box makes a good case to mount the regulator in.
  • Good, beautiful and cheap

    posted by bandolero1972

    It has a high precision of measurement, the same than gives the polymeter, and the blue digits are very bright.Perfect for proyects that require good precision measurement, like supervision of the charge level of batteries.
    Great instrument if you need it. The wires requires be equipped with a connection system.Accuracy increases or decreases according to the voltage range being measured. That is, if we measure less than 10 volts, display two decimal digits. Similarly if we measure 10 volts or more, show a single decimal digit.
    Buy it, can not go wrong.
  • Digital Voltmeter Meter Module

    posted by jk87

    Very handy thing for DIY projects. Small mounting dimensions. Nice (blue) backlight. Quality workmanship. A very useful addition when you need to measure the voltage of one cell. I use to check discharge of an article in its grip e-cigarettes.
    Nothing I could find. Maybe if he had a greater range, but there are other modules.
    Ideal for ecig grips, or wherever you need to measure voltage of a Li-Ion cells. Plans to use a portable power source.
  • Nice metee

    posted by andreshans

    Nice accurate volt meter, this item make me very happy since its a really nice add on to my homemade power supply for my ham radio.I just added it make the cable connection and started working without issues, tested and really accurate for the price.
    would be nice to have it on others colors, but not big deal.next time i would like to find a dual one, like volt-meter and amp-meter so you can read both data with just one quick look.
    Nice packaged, arrived fast and safe.will definitely buy more.
  • Excelent purchase. The precision is very good.

    posted by caetanotr

    Very good precision.It is a good choice to have it installed to monitor specific power rails in more elaborate projects.
    I miss a way to change the decimal point. If it had one, it wold be interesting to use this module to monitor higher voltages using resistance voltage-divider or even other parameters whose range isn't in the [0,100] range. For example, a pair fo resistors plus a diode and capacitor wold enable using this module to monitor the 127/220V power grid lines. In those cases, the dot mark in the wrong place is annoying.
    Very handy to monitor volates, but it wold be even more usefull if we coold handle the dot mark. Other than that, it is excelent.

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