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voltage regulator module

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voltage regulator module Customers Reviews

  • Great quality component!

    posted by sadgoat

    Nicely built compact adjustable voltage drop adjustable. Switch allows to view input and output in a nicely sized display. Adjustment screw is nicely sized to not be easily mis-adjusted. Voltage display switch is also conveniently located.
    Comes with stand offs and build quality appears to be very good. Using this drop a 12 volt gel cell down to 5 volts for a remote camera.///////////
    Great value for a well built component. Set screws for lead attachment appear to be quality and tighten down snuggly. I found that an oversize plastic TicTac box makes a good case to mount the regulator in.
  • Excellent for driving high power LEDs SAFELY

    posted by walter6

    This is my best deal on DealExtreme. Product is correctly described. High quality components and production. It can be used for driving any high power LED (forward voltage 8-80V) from ><12V DC (description says 8-80V but this i have not tested) source and if tuned properly the working frequency will not go below 200kHz, emitted light will be consistent without any tremors in light intensity. I suggest that you tune it with warmed diodes because warmed are pulling more current than cold ones if you want to achieve 0,01A constant current precision. After intensive 48 hours continuous test i have complete confidence that this booster will protect my $200 worth high power (90-93 CRI) Bridgelux and Cree LED’s (constant current and constant voltage protection) against any input voltage variations. I purchased 2 of them and both are perfect (0,01A and 0,01V precision). Products are shipped 2-3 days after purchase ?.I will post some oscilloscope images for experts.
    Most countries are exempt from customs duties and taxes on shipments worth up to 20€, such as this useful thingy.
    After couple of negative reviews, this is my first positive one on DX. Deals as this one will make me come back for more.
  • Really useful to have around

    posted by Amokka

    Good and compact little module.Stable voltage even at currents above 2,8A.Easy to adjust voltage quite precisely using the multi turn trim pot. 0,02V seems not to be a problem.It doesn't get excessively hot.
    You won´t regret having one of these laying around. You will eventually find some use for it.I find that having a few next to my proto-boards is quite useful.
    Don't get just one - get a few.
  • Small and does the job

    posted by spoors3737

    The module is ready to use, easy to connect and does the job.Even with a short circuit to the output terminals the module survived!
    The output voltage will drop if the module is overloaded.We applied a small heatsink to the chip.I received two modules instead of one, not sure if this was a mistake as the quantity 1 is mentioned.
    By now we have 4 modules in use, all work fine.The module does the job and is price-worthy.

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