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voltage regulator module

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voltage regulator module Customers Reviews

  • LM317 Regulator Module from DX is Great

    posted by bdabill

    The circuit used in this LM317 regulator module is standard and the LM317 device is almost indestructible even when abused.The module is beautifully assembled on a very neat, labelled PCB with well-soldered joints.A small heatsink is fitted to the LM317.A diode bridge is fitted at the input so reverse polarity connection is catered for and an a.c. input can be used.The module uses a linear circuit (not switched-mode) with no inductors so is easy to understand and repair if needed in the future.Very good value for money.Delivery and service was great from DX dealextreme and UK Post Office.
    I will buy from DX again in the future.
    Very good value for money if it fits your needs.
  • Great quality component!

    posted by sadgoat

    Nicely built compact adjustable voltage drop adjustable. Switch allows to view input and output in a nicely sized display. Adjustment screw is nicely sized to not be easily mis-adjusted. Voltage display switch is also conveniently located.
    Comes with stand offs and build quality appears to be very good. Using this drop a 12 volt gel cell down to 5 volts for a remote camera.///////////
    Great value for a well built component. Set screws for lead attachment appear to be quality and tighten down snuggly. I found that an oversize plastic TicTac box makes a good case to mount the regulator in.
  • Super regulator

    posted by lasermanathome

    This unit comes in very handy, makes every voltage when it gets 4-40VDC.Is capable for stepup AND stepdown function, it can also make (much) higer voltages as low than it gets.Only the cuuurnt may not be higer as 3 amps for in or output.So is you want to make 30Volts out of 10, the max current it can deliver is 1/2 Amp.
    Its versatility and possibilities makes it a very good replacement for 78XX because it generates almost no heat and a 78XX wich delivers stepup.....
    Small enough to store is everywhere.did not give trouble with HF in my experiments, can be used very well with the old Transformer adaptersbetween 5VDC an 40VDC, 3 ams is enough for most projects....


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