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voltage display Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use volt / amper panel

    posted by alikox1

    This panel meter has a small size that make it ideal for small projects. Different colors for volt and ampere readings makes it easy to read. Decimal point is adjusted automatically based on the value read.On the back side, there are two separate small calibration points for voltage and ampere readings. Use them first to calibrate against a well known multimeter.
    Ampermeter is based on the voltage reading on a small shunt resistor, it does not contain a Hall effect sensor as with the more advanced ammeters.
    Great value for money. I bought one for my DIY PSU project.
  • simple USB consumption measuring

    posted by mkobylan

    looks like standard USB flash memory so you should not have problem to push it into any USB port0.1A 0.01V measurement resolution
    producer should think of next generation with different display module
    it's too long so device you are connecting is bending/pulling USB port down - I would rather buy something smaller (I don't need digits 9mm high)
  • simple to use digital voltmeter

    posted by mlksa

    Compact size, no backlight required because of LEDs display, just two wires to connect (powered by the same battery you measure). Wide range of input voltage.
    The power circuit has a protection against the reversed voltage (a diode in series of an IC voltage regulator) which is good but increases the lowest voltage you could measure.
    It's a great companion to battery chargers where you don't see any voltage information. Good module for DIY projects. The price could be lower because you can buy some simple multimeter for the same money.
  • good clock

    posted by bujdos

    Good brightness of display, adjustable in 3 steps.Clock back-up by internal battery, quite accurate (error ~1 sec per week).Simple control.
    Thermometer reasonably accurate, resolution 1°C. Resolution of 0.1°C would be nice (although the practical usefulness of such resolution is questionable).When supply voltage is less then ca. 10V, the reading of the voltmeter is wrong (although the gadget works from 5-6V). At 13.5 V it draws 40-50 mA.
    The display has a bit "dense" look, the numerals are close to each other.
  • Wonderful product

    posted by paulocwb2003

    cheap, compact, small, very easy to use.
    I've ordered because I have a set of two car batteries for home uses, like powering inverters. The first time I turned it on I was affraid of breaking that tiny thing. It worked at once and my fears went away. It's PCB has two holes for screws. That eases assembling.It worked well with car batteries and can be used for other purposes as well.
    Wires cshould be a little thicker and it shoud be offered in a plastic box for a little more cost.I am very pleased with it.


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