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  • Very useful meter

    posted by FredComp

    An excellent meter to test voltage comes from a USB connector. Also measure the current that is extracted from the USB connector. That way is to check whether the USB connector is not overloaded. The figures are clearly legible. There is no external power required. The meter every few seconds the voltage or current. Meter can be easily switched between the USB connector and the device to control.
    As far as I can control it is an precise and stable volt / ampere meter.
    This voltmeter is recommended for anyone who wants to know what is coming out of the USB connector.
  • Good For my uses

    posted by neo1erk4

    Feels sturdy to me. Some of the other reviews made it sound like it cheaply put together but it feels good to me. I use it for hobby purposes and it meets all of my needs.
    This is my first multimeter so I don't have much to compare it too.
    If your starting off with electronics, this will meet your needs. Feels like good quality to me, but maybe I just have lower expectations compared to the other reviewers.
  • Nice for the price

    posted by ZdenekJi

    Alright, I'm finally writing this review. The instrument gave me mixed feelings because, well, one cannot expect everything perfect for such a low price. To start with the advantages, the meter can measure alternating current among others. This is surprising in its class. It also has a rather impressive range of resistance up to 200Mohm. It measures capacity which is useful for the proving of the diagnosis of dried caps.
    Accurate enough. The apparent leads' resistance problem is lower than in many other meters and is obviously not caused by the leads, but by the distance between the plugs and the bias feed. Buy a 10 times more expensive device if you want to connoise instead of actual measuring.
    If you aren't that wealthy, put this one on your wish list as it will definitely help you progress.
  • Better than I expected

    posted by vilarcamaraneto

    This product is very good! It has a sturdy construction and feels solid at hand.The display includes a horizontal bar graph that responds very quickly (the numeric display only updates a few times per second).
    Contrary to some users' experience, my unit came with a working backlight. You must press the "Hold" button for some seconds to activate it.It is noticeably bigger than those cheap yellow multimeters, son don't expect it to be "pocket-sized". However, it comes with its own pocket, so you should have no problem when carrying it around.
    For the price, buy it! At least here in Brazil similar Minipa models cost way above US$ 100.00!
  • Excellent Product

    posted by Madboy74

    The device has a small size ideal for small projects, but that does not mean it has a poor performance. It is very precise in their measurements of both voltage and current. Do not need a shunt, because it has built in the PCB, making it easier to handle and connect to your project.
    I recommend it 100%, excellent value.
    I used it in my project power source for my workshop.

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