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  • I'm satisfied

    posted by gatoline

    It is cool, small, It looks nice, very accurate, Cheap, etc.
    very cheap, there is welding points for connetors probably for ather models but i don't know information like schematics, etc.
    to sum up, i'm very happy with the device. current meter and volt meter in a built in device. I hope to buy several like this.
  • quite usefull

    posted by okrauth

    Great unit.. it is small and accurate. It is easy to read and provides at a glance how much power a USB accessory is using.
    If you want to keep control of USB charging devices and/or how much current a usb device is consuming I wouldn't hesitate in buying this product.
    It is a good fair price, quite useful and very easy to use
  • Good quality, easy to use with Arduino

    posted by renoor

    Good quality build, very easy to use after I figured ou how to wire it and set trimmers. To save your time here is the wiring:IN + - to DC power sourceOUT + - to your LEDsGND to controller's ground (i.e. Arduino)PWM to controller's PWM output, TTL logic, 0% duty cycle means full power, 100% duty cycle means fully offKEY can be left unconnected, turns off the output at TTL low level (i.e. 0V)CC trimmer limits maximum output currentCV trimmer limits maximum output voltage
    based on XL4005E1 buck regulator
    I'd definitely recommend it
  • Not as stable as I would have liked

    posted by keven91

    All the things I said before
    The power indicator is still on during this weird mode, and it puts out ~10V, but it's taking so much power it's getting hot really fast.
    Good supply if your input is higher than 8V, but you might want to look elsewhere otherwise.
  • Really easy of use

    posted by JimmyHendrix

    Just two wires for power an measuring is perfect. Nice bright blue LED displayFits in any panel or dashboardCheap and useful (by the price of a pair of LED displays you get a digital voltmeter)
    Precision is in average. I've compared with my DMM and found a 0.2v difference when measuring a 12v car battery, so it is enough highly precise for what is supposed.
    REALLY easy-to-use: just connect the wires and you get fastly the voltage. This is the cheappest DVM i've ever owned.


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