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  • Excellent Recorder!!!! Works very fine!

    posted by fabriciorigon

    This is an excellent item. Works very fine! You can set the time/data to organize your recordings. The battery last many hours, and just 3 hours to recharge. Very discrete. Really looks like a Kinsgton pen drive! The on/off button works fine.
    Should not have a light, that blinks when recording starts. But you can solve this with an adhesive. It has a bright finish, that may be frosted, looking like ordinary pen drives...
    Excellent Recorder!!!! Works very fine!
  • Perfect!

    posted by ubii

    - Storage is adequate,- Mic is quite sensitive!- Sound output quality is AMAZING. I was pleasantly surprised at this sucker. My cellphone (a Nexus 4) has poorer sound output that this,- has lights to tell you which mode it's in,- It is amazingly small vs. the big clunky tape recorders they used to have and I use it to record debriefings with my boss. - also looks professional
    - If this had a "Shuffle" function, I would have loved this as a backup mp3 player for the gym, etc. NOTE!*Power switch needs to be ON while it's plugged in to charge. The first time it discharged, I thought the battery died! Keep this in mind.*
    I would definitely recommend this.
  • Great gadget

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    - crystal clear sound in SP mode. LP mode is ok for indoor recording- very easy to use- optional voice-activated recording, saves space- 8Gb memory- lightweight- small, fits in you pants pockets- microphone has a long range, can record clearly from over 2 meters.- high quality internal microphone, and has a external mic jack as well- earphone jack is easy to acess- batteries last about 20 hours of recording
    - I often use it to summarize meetings. I leave it on the passengers seat in my car, and start talking. The result is incredible! High-quality sound, almost no backgroung noise - even with windows open.- Great xing-ling product
    This is a great little gadget, for a reasonable price. There are other cheaper devices here on DX, but often with less memory or not-so-good audio quality.I would certainly recommend this product to a friend - in fact, I might buy a few more to give as gifts to friends.
  • Not 3D, but awesome quality

    posted by Skilletini

    -First off, really great quality audio! Crystal clear, almost no static or noise, sensitive mic.-It's easy to use.-Each recording is a separate audio file, named automatically by date and time of recording.-Reeeeally small (about the size of two Bic lighters taped together).-Comes with nifty lapel mic (also excellent quality).-No drivers needed.
    It's lightweight design gives it an initial feel of fragility; However, it actually feels quite durable despite its lack of heft.
    This is well worth the money. If you're looking for a good voice recorder for a bargain, I recommend this one.

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