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  • it deserves the money!

    posted by pofpor

    * Good quality,* Stylish design* Hard case,* Really protects your vita.* There are 2 little rubber belt to hold your vita tight.* You can carry your games and memory cards in safe.* You can keep your handkerchief for cleaning.
    White case is really suitable for black vita.
    * Don't hesitate and if you need to protect your vita, buy it! * it deserves the money!
  • The lid on the back is for the backpad, now I get it!

    posted by paulovgha

    It's a fine product, made out a fine material and does it job like it should. There's a zipper on a inner pocket where you can hold accessories without worrying they'll fall on the ground once you flip the cover. Holds the game cards just fine, and you can even use the PSVita while it is still on the case (the lid on the back is for the touch backpad functionality).
    For those who have a white PS Vita, or just like the white color, this product is a fine purchase.
    I would recommend it.
  • Good Product

    posted by SuperYod

    Very nice protective rubber. Fit's well, does not stick to your hands or something. Protects from scratches and when falling the Vita will resist better. It's also easier now to push the buttons.Gives also some good grip.
    Very cheap protection
    It looks nice too, you should definitely get it. I got this silver colored one, wich looks good, but it might be a little odd at first, so I would go for black the next time.
  • Storage Case util

    posted by hunterdiego

    -Useful and convenient to carry games and memory sticks without any problem-Shipping took only 3 weeks to arrive, it's fast, it usually takes one month or more-It is resistant to falls-The games and memory sticks are well suited to the slot
    Storage case simple, useful to bring your games
    It's a good buy, but could be cheaperThe quality is improved, but is resistant
  • It will protect your vita's back!

    posted by thejapa

    The case looks as sturdy as it shows on the pictures. It shows a small defect where the case was cut, which is purely cosmetical. It helps you hold the vita and since the cut for the back touchpad becomes more evident it will help against accidental touchs.Basically all accesses are available, it doesn't matter much to me because I use only PSN games.
    It won't obviously protect the front. It isn't the nicest case. It smells absolutely nothing hehe. It will uglify your vita, I don't care about that. I want it protected and 100% responsive. A nice case that hurts my gameplay is crap. This one doesn't affect gameplay.
    Buy it if you don't care about it making your vita a little uglier but it will definitely protect its back.

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