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video switch Customers Reviews

  • Bom produto

    posted by csimoni

    Boa construção e aparência, recomendo este produto somente se tiver os cabos de conexão, VGA + USB.
    Já utilizei normalmente com 4 CPU e a troca é rápida, sem problemas.
    Comprei porque tenho um jogos de cabos comprados com outra Switch que deu defeito após alguns meses de uso.
  • Very nice product

    posted by deadbeef81

    Probably the best AV-switch available at DX: metal body, small, connectors are VERY well attached to the body (on all other DX switches I tried connectors were attached to the curcuit board and were ver flimsy). I actually tried 5 different models from DX - and this one is the best of them.
    The inside looks awful =) Ususally this kind of swithes have a curcuit board inside to connect inputs and outputs. In this switch the board is replaced with wires. A lot of wires =) And they all are of the same color, so it's almost impossible to see which goes where. But on the other hand if something breaks, this variant is much more repairable than the curcuit board.
    If you need a simple non-powered AV switch - buy this one. Others I tried are way worse built.
  • It is working (after trying a few combinations of connections)

    posted by burak_t06

    It is working (after trying a few combinations of connections). Size is small. Quality of plastic covers and connectors seems to be good. I can switch (1, 2 or 3) to connected devices that I want to use.
    The first product I ordered was not working, but thanks for DEAL-EXTREME, they replaced non-working product with a new one without any charge
    It is doing its job after a few trials. The manufacturer of the product can fix that marking problem that I mentioned above.
  • Great :)

    posted by Irixion

    > Easy to install
    > Easy to use
    > Price is right
    > Seems to be doing the job after a while of owning it.
    Keeping all of the input/outputs clean is important when plugging stuff in, keep it on top of your TV or wherever you have this thing, easy switch.
    Highly recommend this, very practical, very very useful, and for this price, well, why not? Does the job, does it well, provided you set everything up correctly.

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