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video rca to rca Customers Reviews

  • Works both ways!!

    posted by wks79

    This device works to convert your video card S-video output port into composite signal for older TVs without the S-video or VGA/HDMI inputs. I've tested it and it works perfectly and is not affected by signal standards (works both NTSC and PAL)I actually bought this to convert in reverse FROM composite TO S-Video instead and yes I know that there is no reason to convert component to S-video because you can't increase the quality of the signal. I am using this in reverse because my Hauppauge TV tuner card only has a S-video input alongside normal Antenna/Coax input (see pictures). However it is possible to convert the s-video input to accept the incoming signal as composite (this function is built into the drivers). Before this, I had to transfer old VHS recordings using the analogue antenna but this resulted in a notiecable drop in quality - and also lost the stereo audio signal. With this I could just use a composite cable to connect all video and L+R audio signals and capture.
    Before purchasing check your output port on your VGA card or laptop.Note that some S-video output ports have 7 pins. My nVidia GPU and motherboard outputs have 7 pins. If you are certain that the port is OUTPUT only, then this will work. The additional 3 pins are usually for input signals or additional features (VIVO, multimon etc) and can be ignored if you are not doing any capturing work. Some cards also use the 7-pin port even when they don't offer capturing function.
    It works .... (ignore the post on the forums at the bottom of the page saying that it would not work)
  • Good Item!!!

    posted by marcelobrites

    Good quality made, great price and very useful.
    Don't came with any user's manual to explain the colors, should be have!
    If you Know How to Works buy it! It Have a nice quality build.
    Should be have a manual to teach users:S
    Just manual, and some explanation about the colors, because without this i don't know how to use:S
    If Someone can teach/Help me i appreciate that.
  • Nifty little upscaler

    posted by snoeg

    It's small and very easy to use. Works as expected. The blue power LED is discrete, but visible through the plastic.
    The power connector is a USB type. However, I don't think a PC's USB port can provide enogh power to this device, so the included wall wart is needed and the case will get warm.Also, the image is rather good, but there is some ghosting. That said, I haven't yet seen a converter that has a better image quality than this one. I suppose it's just one of the things you can't avoid completely.
    This scaler is simple to use and has a pretty good picture quality. If your input is 4:3, the image will get stretched to 16:9.
  • Awesome

    posted by wild3vil

    I'm very pleased with the quality of the audio video AV component cable! Plastic housing, gold contacts!Very easy to install and setup the computer, tv or videogame! The relatively low price of the cable!The good news is that you can connect in five seconds and enjoy your show films, games etc in the cinema!
    Thanks Dx for another great deal
    cheap, working well, what are u wating for? buy it!!!!!!
  • Usefull info.

    posted by KoJl6ACA

    Perfect build quality, all (RCA and HDMI) contacts looks very cool and strong.
    Please be caserull, when buying devices, read the information carefully, because for me now it's just a wire, i can't use it where i expect to do this, it's just a cable and if your device can't transform signal from Digital to Analog and push it through HDMI, this cable cant help you converters cost around 40$ more..But in general i'm happy that cable and package looks like rly cool and expencive device)


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