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  • chip and nice

    posted by danygise

    its a good adapter for everything!4 inputs accommodatethe simultaneous connection of up to five high definition video sources, such as satellite systems and HD DVD players. The output sends the high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display. This kind of the HDMI Amplifier Switcher not only has the key-press-switching function, but also has the IR remote control and intelligent function
    oldest model dont have the remoted controler but this have
    i recomended
  • Great item, ordering my 4th one NOW!

    posted by KI4LLF

    This is a great unit, works better and lasts longer than the more expensive US$75 units. I am replacing the more expensive ones with these as the expensive ones burn out.
    get two or more, you will quickly find a use for them. Once other dept managers see these they think of a place that they can use them also.
    These are well worth the price, and invaluable in a presentation/training room where a laptop is too slow. And cheaper and easier than adding an additional video card to the desktop pc.
  • Works as simple RCA stereo audio switcher

    posted by teroan

    Used it as simple stereo audio switcher only and it works.
    Price seems to be what you would expect from this kind of device. It does what it is suppose for the price you pay for it. I used it with Wii, PC and Xbox360 (via adapter) connected to it and no problems there.
    If you need something cheap to hook multiple RCA audio cables to stereo speakers/amplifier and you are not that concerned with possible loss in audio quality then this works just fine.
  • Good product

    posted by zanzibar84

    good cheap adapter would cost a lot more at the store, Switches are good, Cost a lot more money to buy a device like this at a store in EBgames, Easy to figure out how to plug everything in. Comes with extra cable. Very, very, very pratical. It is much better than using the composite cables included with the system, as immediately upon plugging it in and switching the output to EDTV(480p)in the wii menu, the text is sharper, colours will be more vivid(especially noticable for me while playing Mario Galaxy and also Mario Kart!)
    Cheap and good looking
  • Very nice product

    posted by gadd85

    1. VERY easy to use & Fast install time.2. Plug N Play .3. No power needed.4. Works with USB Keyboard and mouse - Hard to find.
    1. Im working with wireless Keyboard and Mouse and it works perfect :)2. Working with 24 inch screen and I have no problem. Resolution 1920 x 1080.3. Shipment took longer then I expected - I think it wasn't in stock but I got it.
    Good value for your money - Im satisfied.Recommended !

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