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video lighting Customers Reviews

  • Really good professional light

    posted by harsat

    I bought the product for someone who uses it professionaly, about 3 times a week in a studio.so far after over six month it works great. gives plenty of light, almost no heat at all.quallity is really good, and similar products here cost at least twice as much.Great light. similar with 2000-3000 watts non led systems. saves a lot on your electricity bill, and also does not "cook" like non led lights. non led require you to use also a lot of air condition, and with these lights, you dont need to because of very low heat emmision
    If you need studio light system this is one of the best there is.
    For proffesional use only - really recommended and price is really reasonable (here similar products cost at least twice).
  • Very good product - recommended

    posted by kudy

    Pretty decent price, good intensity of light, light on weight. The angle adjuster is very useful. Very good is a possibility to choose between powering by classic batteries and sony video cam acumulators
    I definitely recommend this product to all users who are looking for a cheaper solution of increasing the light capacity for your footage. The light intensity is pretty decent and high enough to shoot a footage in dark spaces/places
  • Great equipment

    posted by zidane1512002

    Well, this item works like a charm, the light range is very long, and if you wanna keep the "Halogen" light temperature, include 2 filters, but if you want to preserve natural colors, use de white one or don't use any filter, it works great, with a Sony long battery (including not genuines), the battery life extends to 6 or 8 hours in full power. If you want works with regular AA batteries but I recommend to use a Sony/Panasonic battery.
    After 1 Year using it, the lamp still working as the first time, no fails or internal damage, is still working like a charm.
    Excellent product if you film on very dark places, gives you a very good illumination.
  • A great illuminator

    posted by rodrigoalcassa

    A great illuminator for use in filming events. I use to shoot weddings and it's really good. has a dimmer to control the intensity of light, has a filter to let the light warm diffuser that has a filter is very useful. I was surprised at the quality of his construction is very sturdy, the battery used in it is sold here on DX and has a great price.
    I used the LED R3, but after buying this LED R4, I'll just use it to my footage. This illuminator is very good!
    Sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil and I have to use a translator to be able to write.
  • Godd product for the price

    posted by michaeldias

    Good item. It worths each penny. It works properly. You have exactly what you pay. Item has good quality (besides plastic), but a strong one. I don't have a lumen-meter, but I think the lumen quantity is the same anounced. I already bought another ones, because I liked the item that I bought.
    Good item at all. I recommend the item, good operation at all.
    I recommend the item. You have more options on the website, I just chose this one.

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