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Every single video filter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

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  • very good

    posted by boazshop

    Optimal power, battery compatible with Sony camcorders, various accessories.
    The power switch and dimmer could be one.I think safer and does not break easily, there is a model that led to less power than the power button is the same dimmer.
    The power switch and dimmer could be one.I think safer and does not break easily, there is a model that led to less power than the power button is the same dimmer.
  • Great equipment

    posted by zidane1512002

    Well, this item works like a charm, the light range is very long, and if you wanna keep the "Halogen" light temperature, include 2 filters, but if you want to preserve natural colors, use de white one or don't use any filter, it works great, with a Sony long battery (including not genuines), the battery life extends to 6 or 8 hours in full power. If you want works with regular AA batteries but I recommend to use a Sony/Panasonic battery.
    After 1 Year using it, the lamp still working as the first time, no fails or internal damage, is still working like a charm.
    Excellent product if you film on very dark places, gives you a very good illumination.
  • A little bit greenish

    posted by dunantar

    This came to my gear list in order to became my on cam light but when I received it I realized it's powerful enough for closeups but too bulky and heavy for my little cam. Anyway it's a powerful tiny compact led panel to go into my light case and become a good extra light for background effects or as a backlight. It is battery powered so no cables hindering around.
    I use it by powering with a Sony F970 battery and it lasts over an hour powered on.
    It's good to have the 6xAA batteries option also
  • Good for your money

    posted by romilamp

    Very bright! is a white powerful light with 2 filters an 2 barndoors. With this lamp you will not have shadows on your video. It uses a metalic shoe, that is very good. The battery an charger are made with quailty, not as other lamps that have defective batteries and chargers.
    Maybe it could be smaller, but cooler sistem could not be efficient, maybe with a little fan can be small
    Better than z96 in size but worst that 160 leds, but the color temperature is neutral, not blue o yellow as others, is WHITE.
  • Very good product !

    posted by geogill

    Very useful light for events. It's big like my camcorder but easy, and the orange filter change in good the effect of cold colors. Here, in Romania, the price for these lamp is 200$, and she comes from DX in 1 month and 1 week with free-shipping ! It was worth the wait !
    I order another 2 (very cheap)battery NPF550-2200mAh (it's come with 1 bat. and 1 charger), and i filmed 5 hours and don't charge anything.
    Very good business for me ! Thanks Deal Extreme ! It was a good start for me to buy from you, guys !


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