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video extension cable

Welcome to our video extension cable online shop. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. video power cable or video camera cable may offer more options for you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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video extension cable Customers Reviews

  • works absolutely fine

    posted by electronicas

    - cheap (haven't found them cheaper elsewhere)
    - ROHS symbol (and from looking inside it really looks like it really is ROHS!!!
    - good build quality
    - easy to crack open (i opened mine to swap the BNC by a chinch plug
    - you can clamp in the TP cables very easy and they stick very firmly
    i tested them with 94 meter TP cable and had no loss in video quality, so BUY it if you need them
    i personally used one of the cheap cameras from here which come with a chinc connector so this is why i chose these balun transformers, since you can easily desolder the BNC cable with plug and solder a chinc cable on it.
  • Cable of good quality

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Cable of good quality, made of material resistant thick cable, do not lose the signal quality, superior to mount the cables, essential in your security system. Connect your cameras to the DVR with the cable of good quality.
    Cabo de ótima qualidade, feito em material resistente cabo grosso, não perde a qualidade do sinal, qualidade superior à cabos para montar, indispensável em seu sistema de segurança. Ligue suas cameras ao DVR com esse cabo de ótima qualidade.
    Looking for a great quality cable for your system, closed circuit TV? Buy this product!!
  • Extension cable for camera, works ok

    posted by aquiestoyyo2

    From my own point of view, the pros are:
    + Depending on where you live it's not available but here it is.
    + If you want to use surveillance cameras, you will probably need one of these.
    * I know, it's a nonsense but... measure the distance you need. I've realized I needed the 10m cable instead of this 20m cable.
    * If you need it and don't find it near your home buy it. It's ok and works properly. It does the work and looks durable.
  • good quality cable

    posted by [email protected]

    Cape of good quality plugs and their connections are very strong, the picture was good and I think the quality of the internal wires are good. The connectors are shielded with hard rubber and are well protected, is a cable for cameras with audio and video in great quality.
    I connected the cable to a DVR along with a micro camera and its operation is perfect, its quality becomes more than some cables sold in Brazil and its price much lower.
    Want a good quality cable to add to your safety equipment or monitoring? Buy this product!
  • Very cheap good cable

    posted by killmasher

    well its just what it says. a 20 m cable for your cctv camera.works fine with my camera and are having no problems with interference the cable was well packaged and worked right out of the box no adapters were needed for my setup
    just a typical cctv av/power cable
    great price for this cable. cant get anything for this price in new Zealand and the free shipping makes this hard to beat

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