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  • CCTV balun

    posted by lukasandrysik

    -->Very good build quality. The body looks solid and the connectors are good looking too.-->You can distribute CCTV signal from places where you don't have coax cablles. I mean everywhere is nowdays some UTP cable.-->Device itself is very simple, there are just some capacitors inside this. So I give it five stars rating.-->Came in good looking box-->English manual included-->Up to 4 cameras over one cable
    -->Could be sold in 2-pack...or maybe not exactly 2pack because you don't have 4cameras on one place (but on reciever side you connect all 4 cameras to one TV card in you PC for example). So I mena it should be sold with 4pack of simple small baluns like sku.39869
    Buy it if you have use for it and you know how to use it.
  • works absolutely fine

    posted by electronicas

    - cheap (haven't found them cheaper elsewhere)
    - ROHS symbol (and from looking inside it really looks like it really is ROHS!!!
    - good build quality
    - easy to crack open (i opened mine to swap the BNC by a chinch plug
    - you can clamp in the TP cables very easy and they stick very firmly
    i tested them with 94 meter TP cable and had no loss in video quality, so BUY it if you need them
    i personally used one of the cheap cameras from here which come with a chinc connector so this is why i chose these balun transformers, since you can easily desolder the BNC cable with plug and solder a chinc cable on it.

    posted by juliocraft

    I really liked the product, as well as having a good price that has excellent quality.who are thinking of buying will not regret it.signal is NTSC system Resolution lution with NTSC 500 (H) x 582 (V) Horizontal Resolution 420Line.
    The camera comes with wiring and the image is of good quality and handle well beyond the field of view to have a very modern design.
    A good product for its price, and makes a nice video.
  • Well!

    posted by opelevod

    Good camera. Depth of sharpness is from several tens centimeters to several meters. Quite good quality of the printed-circuit board and assembly. Has in a set all wires and sockets for connection.
    This camera was used instead of the failed regular camera in the external block of the video on-door speakerphone. It was very simply replaced because of precisely coinciding openings of fastening in the printed-circuit board.
    I recommend this product as independent video the device or as excellent replacement to the failed video cameras as a part of security systems or video on-door speakerphones
  • does the job well!

    posted by jhgreenstein

    The balun is actually a one sided balun which means that there is poarity to observe.It's a bit like the difference between a real transformer and an auto-transformer.Having said that it works fine and is excellent for the price. The cable is good as it allows you to mount it easily on DVRs where there is never enough space to properly connect baluns directly.
    nothing really. you won't regrest buying these unless you're using a long cable of around 100m in which case you should be considering other models that have an amplifier in them.
    go for it! Buy three or more and they're even cheaper


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