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video cctv Customers Reviews

  • Great tool for CCTV Technician

    posted by csei

    Extremely happy with purchase. I have been using this in the field for a few months now and don't know how I got by without it. Clear picture image, good battery life, easy to use.
    Would be nice to have a larger screen & a BNC cable would be good. Comes with RCA cable and RCA / BNC adapter.
    If you install CCTV cameras you need one of these!
  • Excelent

    posted by santiagoparre

    UnexpensiveAcceptable manufactureAcceptable video qualityCable is really usefull to connect in small placesUTP cable remais firmly attached to the balun
    Iam using really cheap UTP cable over a 50mt distance and get acceptable quality video, althought it runs next to power cables (impossible to do it through an other way). It might improve with a better quality UTP cable running away from high voltage instalation
    It totaly worth the money.
  • Perfect for FPV

    posted by scarapiglia

    The camera is simply perfect for FPV!!! Great luminosity, contrast, Wide Dynamic Range .There is an OSD that allows to tune it as you prefer!!Buy without any problem
    Buy it for you FPV system!!!Works with 5.8 ghz system flawlessyThis camera on other site sis called SUPER HAD SONY and it is sold for 50 $
    Fast expedition tracked to Europe, Italy (3 weeks)
  • Love your patch panels...

    posted by drsquirrel

    Instantly use UTP cables and patch panels.
    Nice warm feeling as you just click your cable into place without having to fart about with a screw driver.
    Looks nice and professional.
    If you want audio you can still use this, ignore the other people.
    3x Video 1x Audio (single audio input is common on lots of cheap cards), or 2x Video 2x Audio and buy a pair of them.
    Don't assume this will work through a switch. Patch panel directly to the output is okay.
    You will need to buy a pair or another type of balun, buying a single one gives us the choice though.
  • Great RCA Extension cable!

    posted by Illyusha

    -Cheap price-Great long length
    I used this as a RCA extension cable to along with SKU: 26777 which is a RCA female to female adaptor. Now I can have my stereo where I want and still have lots of cable to length to play with!
    Great for the price! Just by SKU: 26777 with it and you have yourself a good long length stereo (not mono) RCA extension cable for your stereo system.

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