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video card cooler

On this page, you can find a wide selection of video card cooler. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Try browsing radeon video card, video card dvi. With your support, we can do better.
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video card cooler Customers Reviews

  • Quiet and cooler!

    posted by liamjford

    Really quiet - before my GFX card had a stock fan and that was the nosiest part of my PC - now it's my processor chip fan, and that is pretty quiet already!
    Easy to fit, has a nice wide fitting range - but should fit most gfx card with have 50mm spacing for the fan connectors.
    Has a 'small' 3v connector - my gfx card had both sizes, so check your card. That said - I didn't notice the smaller power supply at first, so i simply removed the pins from the female part of the fan and stuck them directly on to the pins.
    Nice wide heat transfer area.
    Using Riva gfx monitor I see my average standing temp has dropped from 61c to under 55c - but also added new heat transfer grease at same time.
    Use with sku 5451 to ensure you don't fry your PC!
    Simple mod, keeps things cooler, and much quieter than most stock fans.
    Cheap - quiet - cool.
  • Good replacement for older cards

    posted by catwees

    -quiet fan
    -Looks snazzy
    -works good on older video cards
    -Stronger clips then original cooler on my card
    -pins that mount are 56mm from center to center
    The shape of it could cause mounting problems on some hardware so make sure you card has plenty of room around its GPU before purchasing.
    A excellent replacement heat-sink and fan for older video cards.
  • Great GPU heatsink

    posted by SergiyGurin

    Great design, very low noise. It has a big heat-sink, great for heat dissipation. Does better job than most mid-low range card's stock cooling. Quiet even at the maximum speed(if your video card supports variable fan speed) . Good price. Can be use in a lot of VGA models. All mounting material included. Long power cable.
    My graphic card is ATI Radeon 9600 series.
    This one is a excellent replacement. Totally satisfied. Just the another nice buy from DX.
  • Perfect for LED lighing

    posted by ecotack

    OK, I didn't use this for a video card, but on Cree Q5 LED's. The heat-sink itself is a reasonable thickness and has a good surface area. Fan was quite and appeared to shift a good amount of air for its size.
    I removed the fan and glued the LED inside the heat-sink. Running at 700mA a Cree Q5 hardly got warm. I suppose I could have put the LED on the rear of the heat-sink and kept the fan, but I didn't need that much cooling. Used for low voltage lighting in our stables.
    Looks good, works well, can be used for other devices needing cooling.
  • Good buy

    posted by luisfloriani

    The product works perfectly. The speed control is done by own graphics card. The velocity increases as needed, when you are playing for example. There are products that are connected to the motherboard and speed is always stays at maximum. This is not the case.
    Installation is simple. Is very quiet and has a good appearance.
    The price is good. The product is good. Is a good buy.

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