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video capture pci Customers Reviews

  • Does what It Says on the Tin

    posted by zerodgz

    Yes indeed, this is an actual 4 channel video capture card for a fraction of the price you could get such a "professional" piece of gear elsewhere. It can capture from all 4 inputs simultaneously, in color, from just about any standard-def camera (NTSC or PAL) you can plug into it.
    The included Windows software is beyond terrible. Luckily, this card is based on a few (four, actually) bog-standard SAA71xx encoder chips, which are well supported by Linux and for which Windows drivers are available. I have this card working with Zoneminder under Ubuntu at the moment, and it will also work with Catspy, Dscaler, etc. in Windows.
    If you need multicamera monitoring or capturing on the cheap, forget all the USB 4-way adapters out there and get this instead. It actually works.
  • Gets the job done.

    posted by mobofever

    Works with any HDMI device. I can't explain how awesome this is. It works with every device I've thrown at it...even the PS3. There's no ghosting or blurring in the images. Also, it works well with XSplit and other streaming and capturing software.
    If the drivers were a bit better, then this product would be perfect.
    If you need to capture any HDMI video in a short amount of time, this is a great buy. If you're wanting to use this for streaming a game marathon, then you might want to look elsewhere.
  • works fine easy to use

    posted by sl0n0v0d

    1. Price.2. Simple to use.3. Has a good intuitive program for recording and viewing videos.
    Maybe later when I'll need to use more than 8 cameras I'll try to install one more card in same computer and check if they work simultaneously.
    Nice product for its price and simplicity of using makes it a good deal.
  • Works great in Linux

    posted by vmicho

    Easy installation. OK it requires no special installation, just plug in into a PCI slot. I've got immediately four v4l2 devices after a reboot (/dev/video0 ...).
    I've observed no overheating or anything. The picture is OK (there is some noise but it probably comes from cameras)
    Already over 1 year in operation and still running. I'm using openSUSE 12.3 and zoneminder. The card is also very cheap.Although I have no idea how the "H.264" feature is used in Linux.

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