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video balun Customers Reviews

  • solution for professionals

    posted by RealGoldMan

    Excellent quality product, I was very surprised. A good plastic, excellent cover of the cable. Cable length between konestorami, in my opinion, just good.
    Perfect solution for the implementation of major projects. Maybe move on to buying wholesale lots for further sales in my area.
    I will always buy as needed. Excellent quality of the transmitted video signal.
  • Great item

    posted by deadbeef81

    Very nice item. I use it to transfer video signal from notebook and videocamera to projector via RCA plugs (I don't use BNC and power). Typically I use 35 meters long cable and everything works perfectly well. Sometimes I use an extra 50-meters long cable (85 meters combined) and it still works good - there is some noise, but picture is still acceptable.
    I'd really like to have this kind of trancievers for RCA only and without any wires hanging around. But still this is a very good item for my use.
    Ordering another pair just in case.
  • Good built balun

    posted by lukasandrysik

    -->Very good build quality. The body is solid piece of aluminium and the connectors are good looking too.-->You can distribute CCTV signal from places where you don't have coax cablles. I mean everywhere is nowdays some UTP cable.-->Device itself is very simple, there are just some capacitors inside this. So I give it five stars rating.-->Came in good looking box-->English manual included-->You can use BNC connectors or just 2 wires-->Up to 4 cameras over one cable
    Buy it if you have use for it and you know how to use it.
  • works absolutely fine

    posted by electronicas

    - cheap (haven't found them cheaper elsewhere)
    - ROHS symbol (and from looking inside it really looks like it really is ROHS!!!
    - good build quality
    - easy to crack open (i opened mine to swap the BNC by a chinch plug
    - you can clamp in the TP cables very easy and they stick very firmly
    i tested them with 94 meter TP cable and had no loss in video quality, so BUY it if you need them
    i personally used one of the cheap cameras from here which come with a chinc connector so this is why i chose these balun transformers, since you can easily desolder the BNC cable with plug and solder a chinc cable on it.
  • great balun

    posted by Thomaspoa

    The price is great. I was a little concerned that the tool less connection for the wires would be weak, but it is quite strong. I haven't been able to test the surge suppression, but that would be a huge bonus at this price range. The color is noticeably better than the SKU 17829 model. It might be the "interference restrain" design, but I don't know.
    feels solid
    I don't use coax cable for cctv installs, so I bought a bunch of these to keep on the truck. Very satisfactory for professional use. Buy with confidence.


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