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  • shake alarm for garage

    posted by dusan.belica

    enought loud to wake up neighbours and if you stay close to it, it makes pain in ears if not covered.. good sensor sensivity, doesn´t start alarm on slightly touch (of course).Dosť hlučné, aby to zobudilo aj susedov a ak ste celkom blízko (do 1m) spôsobí to bolesť v ušiach, ak si ich nezakryjete. citlivosť je výborná, jemnejšie otrasy to spustia na 30s, potom sa automaticky deaktivuje. na jemne dotyky nepôsobí.
    practic and easy to use. it takes 30s to load alarm and then in standby ready to activate it.. led is slightly running.jednoduché na použitie, po zapnutí sa do 30s aktivuje a zostáva v standby. červena ledka svieti úplne slabo.
  • Good quality for the price.

    posted by jidelpozo

    It is cheap and comes with two remote control in case you lose one. The sensor seems to be quite sensitive and the Alarm is quite noisy for home use. Not so much for outdoors use for example a motorbike.
    Mainly positive impressions. It took 28 days to reach Spain.The customer service seems to be right: they have sent me an email asking if I had received my order or not.
    I would recommend it. Ideal for example to hang it on the back of your front door at home.
  • Quite the alarm system.

    posted by n0mercy

    Works perfectly. The slightest movement of the unit will make it go off and it is quite loud.Want to find out what guest peeks through your vanity in the bathroom or anywhere else for that matter.
    You can also put it on a chair or couch and when someone wants to sit there they will want to move it and OFF it will go scaring the you know what out of them.Works excellent as an alarm or as a prank. If used as a prank, be careful what the prankstee might do with the unit when it goes off.
    One of my best buy
  • Cheap bike alarm

    posted by poulman

    I bought this bicycle alarm as a replacement to another I had which was activated by three buttons (ABC). The previous alarm consumed the battery very fast, even when it wasn't at standby. This one has a key, so it is totally switched off when not needed.Another good characteristic of this alarm is that it has a metal bracket that can be bent to fit most bicycle bodies.It's also small enough not to bother by it's size or appearance and I like its design.
    Things you should do to make it work:-Buy a rechargeable 9V battery.-Desolder the pathetic beeper and put a louder one in place.-Make a small circuit with a 555 IC at a delay of 2-3 seconds and put it in series with the beeper. So, when you'll try to unlock it, you'll have a few seconds before the alarm is activated.-Put ALL electronics (except beeper) in a plastic bag and throw styrofoam around them, leaving place for the battery and beeper. This way A)You make it waterproof B)you make it hit resistant (hammerproof!)-DO NOT bend your key. Treat it carefully and try not to lose the replacement.
    If you like cheap electronics like I do, this alarm fits your needs.It's very simple and less consuming.It can (with modifications) be placed anywhere.If placed on a bicycle, you will be notified when someone tries to steal it, as long as you are near enough to hear its weak siren.Try not to leave it in direct sunlight in the summer, nor under rain. Its plastics are very poor and it's not waterproof.At least, it doesn't consume battery neither at standby, nor at off mode, like other alarms do.
  • Bought more stocks for motoycycle scurity

    posted by SuperFire2000

    this is on of the most amazing alarms i've had for my motorcycle.Sure you need a Pro alarm connecter to the main battery that you cal also get here (I got mine here and still use it) But this one is small and mobile and I just stick it in the helmet, Cover, Chain or anything that I leave with my motorcycle and dont want people to touch.Very loud! Simple to use and does exactly what it needs.Sensetivity is just right
    just great.
    ordered, ordering and will be ordering more in the future.DX Please dont sell out on these :)


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