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vga video card Customers Reviews

  • Works well. Quality Product

    posted by ChristianH

    Build quality is very goodFull retail packaging as pictured - even shrink wrapped.Includes DVI - VGA and DVI - HDMI adaptersWorking well. Running at 1280x1024 VGA for a third monitor with a Dell Precision laptop and docking station (plugged into docking station).Very little lag in desktop applications - haven't tried any form of video or games but didn't buy it for that.Video quality at 1280x1024 75Hz is fairly good - at 60Hz it wasn't great for some reason. I'd prefer to use DVI but the LCD I'm using at the moment is not capable of that.
    Haven't tried DVI or HDMI outputs but wouldn't expect any issue.Haven't tried any higher resolutions.
    Maybe a little expensive but is good quality compared to some of the DX stuff I've bought (admittedly much cheaper)
  • Nice item, but not very efficient.

    posted by ftmpvn

    - Cheap.- Small size.
    Make sure this is the right connector for your device.This fan has a keyed 2-pin connector. The distance between the two pins is about 2 mm. My video card had a 2.54 mm pitched connector, so I could not plug it. If you are in the same case as me, you'll have to buy or build yourself an adapter.
    Useful when you have a video card fan which doesn't work. But it might move enough air depending on the device you want to cool.
  • Great GPU coolin solution

    posted by salvaescalante

    - Price- Material- Actual performance- Noise (very silent)- All mounting material included
    My humble ATI HD5450 came with just a statin cooling solution that keeps the GPU around the 53ºC idle and near 62ºC stressed. After some research I found this cooling solution as the perfect replacement to the stock heat sink. Received this cooling device that is actually bigger than spected, the mounting instructions will only give you a hint of how to install it, but in the end I figured out how to fix it to the card. Issues: Heat sink is really big for the common PCI ports space, it actuallyl invades the nearest PCI slot space so prepare to loose a PCI slot. Heat sink may need some alteration to fit, some heat sink blades bent were required to fit the card in the PCI-e slot. As spected the short power cable ended in the opposite side of the fan and there is no way to re-route it to the integrated power socket. Luckly was long enough to hardly reach the power connector.
    After all the fixes done due to the size of the heat sink the result are very pleasent: Noiseless fan, idle and working GPU temperatures decreased BY 10 DEGREES. I do not use the PC for gaming, but for some HD video and mild graphics applications, the GPU hardly hits the 50ºC mark. On the downside one PCI slot got blocked by the heat sink but I have no plans to add any PCI any time now. Mounting need some skills and if you also found that the heat sink requires a manual fix to make it fit, prepare your self to spend several minutes working on that.Anyway all the hassle is paying off, but keep in mind that some near advanced (temerary) skills may be needed to make this cooling solution fit the card and the PCI slot.
  • not 7cm

    posted by josesoares2010

    The build looks good, seems to be made of a good material. I'd be completely satisfied with this cooler if it was 7cm. But a good cooler and I'll surely find another use for it.
    It could come with screws.
    Didn't fit my video card. so, if you're buying one, check the screws location just to confirm it fits.
  • Wow it's small, and I used it for a mini fridge!

    posted by GraemeJ

    This fan is great. I was looking for one at a local electronics store and it cost about 15 times this. It works, its clear, its very very quiet and it's pretty easy to install.
    I am unsure how long this will last, but really, if it lasts as long as the piece of crap that came in my mini fridge that I'm replacing this with then I will still be happy with it.
    For the price, if you are needing this, it's great.

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