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vga to hdmi converter Customers Reviews

  • If you need one, GET IT

    posted by ChrisRedden

    Rather inexpensive, though some models are cheaper on the site. Has been quite handy in turning any unused monitor into a screen for several projects. Used it in filming, running from the HDMI out on my camera to a monitor for better view of the shot.
    Used this at my place of work to display a silent video off of my portable video player onto a monitor, people STILL trying to figure out how I did it. Ran it on loop for over a week steady, no issues, no over heating.
    Great little device. If you have a need to convert an hdmi signal to vga with or without sound, this is a very good tool to have.
  • Works well with our Apple TV

    posted by misterhay

    A single cable for converting HDMI to VGA and audio is great for portability. It also draws power from the Apple TV's HDMI port, so we don't need to use an external power adaptor.
    Because of shipping duration, availability, and known reliability we ordered a bunch of HDMI to VGA converter boxes from another retailer for our schools, but in hindsight it might have been better to order a number of these instead.
    Seems to be a good product, and it's certainly cheaper than buying a separate converter box and a two cables (HDMI and VGA). It's also nice that it doesn't seem to need external power for our application.
  • Useful!

    posted by nokonoko

    (NB: This discussion is confined to the YPbPr functionality.)Does what it says on the tin:• Supports a broad range of resolutions, from 480i60 to 576p50 (PAL DVD) all the way up to 1080p.• Outputs stereo audio from HDMI.Apart from that:• Sturdy construction.• Comes with efficient switched-mode power supply.
    Power consumption:• 2.0 W for 480i/p, 576p.• 2.3 W for 720p, 1080i.• 2.7 W for 1080p (‘full HD’).Standby:• Power supply on but not connected to converter: 0 W.• Device when plugged in and idle: 1.5 W (1.8 W if connected by HDMI to another device).The standby power consumption is probably high enough to consider unplugging it when not in use.Perhaps if they had made the converter just a bit more efficient, so as to never exceed 2.5 W, they could have skipped the AC adapter and shipped it with a USB cable instead.The instruction manual claims HDCP 1.3 support (whereas the online description states 1.2) — my use has been with a computer so I haven’t tested this.
    If, like me, you have a perfectly serviceable HD CRT (or perhaps a pre-HDMI plasma) TV lying around, this is exactly what you need to put it to full use.
  • Works perfectly on XBOX

    posted by rafaelggustavo

    I have just received mine and, until now, everything works fine. This device is small and does not heat, even during hours of using. I've used it on my XBOX 360 and old Toshiba TV, and I have nothing to complain, the image is great (much better than using RCA cable), the audio is clear and it's very easy to use, just plug 'n' play.
    There is no manual, nor hdmi cable.
    I recommend it for who has a TV that which only VGA support and wants the best quality that your old TV can provide.
  • it works!

    posted by augusto_marques_

    It works very well!It came in a little box, well protected, and worked instantly! It looks well built and it is really simple to use.
    The only problem I had was to make my notebook starts to works on it, but it was my good old notebook that was not working properly.
    It´s a really good device, altough, a little expensive. But it works properly!It looks Robust.

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