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vga splitter Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic little device

    posted by trashy2121

    Definitely the epitome of plug and play. Doesn't get hot and the video coming out is a really great picture.
    If i had thought about it at the time I would have chosen a splitter that has a switch to go back and forth between screens. Don't forget to purchase another video cable: I completely spaced out this minor detail when I got the splitter.
    If you are looking for a quick fix to display the video on your computer to your TV without having to install a new video card; this thing comes in handy and quick to install.
  • It works!

    posted by neonix

    It works as expected. It splits one VGA signal into two monitors. Cheaper than a switchbox.
    There are screws on the female plugs for some reason and the screws on a male plug wouldn't reach more than halfway if you wanted to screw them in. But they hold tightly, so it's not a problem at all.
    It's a great cable and a great price. Get it if you need it. I doubt you'll find this cheaper anywhere else!
  • Great product, just plug & play. Good price!

    posted by fielliep

    - Easy to use. Just plug in the VGA cables: one from your computers VGA port to the splitter, and up to 8 from the splitter to your monitors or TV's.- Great price. At around 18 dollar, arround 14 euro, you can not find a 8 port VGA splitter anywhere else. In europe you'd easily have to pay at least 40 euro.- Good resolution options, can handle up to 2048 x 1536- Compatible with all kinds of VGA cables up to 15HDF- If you fasten the screws on the VGA cables well enough then the cables fit really tight. No wobbling and loose contacts.
    The VGA splitter turned out to be exactly what I expected of it, and with 8 ports it offers lots of options.
    Great buy, I'm using it in a club where I have 'VJ' entertainment on multiple screens. I took a guess by using VGA instead of HDMI but I don't regret it at all. It's a much cheaper solution and the quality is fine.
  • More than what i expect

    posted by sagues

    The cable is easy to handle, screws work perfectly, there's a great fit in female connection, and I even ventured to try to bend a pin of the male connection, did not bend, is of excellent quality
    maybe i would like a black cable, not the usual bone white, but its ok, its not really visible
    Great, i used another conection before, but this is much greater, i love it
  • Great item, ordering my 4th one NOW!

    posted by KI4LLF

    This is a great unit, works better and lasts longer than the more expensive US$75 units. I am replacing the more expensive ones with these as the expensive ones burn out.
    get two or more, you will quickly find a use for them. Once other dept managers see these they think of a place that they can use them also.
    These are well worth the price, and invaluable in a presentation/training room where a laptop is too slow. And cheaper and easier than adding an additional video card to the desktop pc.

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