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vga s-video converter Customers Reviews

  • Simple and functional

    posted by barrato

    Small hardware, comes with the necessary cables to connect power and video.Fast startup time.Configuration allows yo to adjust if necessary, in my case I never adjusted other than the computer resolution.
    none........................................................................................ .
    It is a good product for the price it is offered, providing the functionality intended.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by 45ACP

    - The price is good.- Is small enough to carry it arround. - Comes with a VGA cable. - It uses 5V, so ot is easy to use other sources of power than the supplied one.
    I have a Smartphone with TV out and I needed a VGA converter to be able to show PowerPoint slides from it. This converter works perfectly, it did take PAL and NTSC without a problem.
    I am very happy with this buy and I will buy a second one for my wife that uses the same phone.
  • why pay over $80 when here is under half the price

    posted by giantpeach

    * very small* keep your pc also connected (no extra switch needed to switch between computer and video source)* on screen setup* very acceptable image
    If you don't have cable or use another receiver for tv than you could buy this instead of a new tv. Tv's are rediculous expensive because of the receiver (compare a monitor to a tv the same size).
    Buy if you need or want to view your video source on a monitor. A monitor is stil much cheaper than a flatscreen tv of the same size.
  • Useability and functionality are more than ok

    posted by EvilEdnl

    + Nifty litle device with all controls you need+ compact but not too light +enables you to use old 15" lcd's to be used as monitors for retro devices
    I have my attic full of older retro devices and the equivalent number of crt's : C64, MSX, Amiga, atari, nintendo, sega and all have their own CRT's.I've been collecting several VGA lcd's now to replace those, they are taking so much space and this is an excellent way to replace them
    if you have a spare VGA mon and need a monitor for an older Composite or S-video device .. buy it it's worth it's money, no problems with heat upto now.so it's really a great solution for everyone needing a replacement for an old retro monitor
  • Great device!

    posted by drTr0jan

    This device is working like a charm! Just connect all the cables and you get quality picture on your TV. Signal from this box is way better then what you can get from any integrated TV output. Plus you don't need to set up the TV output for hours in order to get rid of flicker and other things you don't want on TV.Solidly bult (inside and outside).Transit output is very useful, you can use this with cards that has only one VGA output.
    Nice device. If you need to connect your PC to TV and can't do it via HDMI or component - it's better to buy this then waste your money on various stupid cables.


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