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vga male cable to vga male

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vga male cable to vga male Customers Reviews

  • Works as described

    posted by slimadvies

    Cheap, works as should. Black is nice. I have had no problems connecting my MacBook pro to my VGA monitor.
    Black is nice, since Apple only uses white products. Nice differentation. Next time I would one with a little bit longer cable.
    Good price-quality product. Can't go wrong on this one.
  • Good cable at the cheapest price

    posted by fielliep

    The cable is exactly what you expect of it. Nothing more and nothing less. Just plug and play! The screws can be fastened really tight so the connector won't wobble. It's compatible with all kinds of VGA ports since it's a 15 pin cable. The cable doesn't feel cheap or too thin so it looks like you won't risk any signal crosstalk. There's a ferrite bead on both ends of the cable like it should be. Oh, and the price people, you won't find this cable at this low price anywhere else!
    If you are in need of a simple VGA cable, don't look any further.
    Need a VGA cable? Buy this one.
  • Great VGA cable

    posted by Andrius3991

    Great nice cable, has screws for better fit, nice length, does not interfere with the quality of video. Video quallity is just as expected! :)Great pro is that the plug handles(? don't know how to call them), are smaller than the usual standard ( at least the one i had), that makes this cable more appealing to eye, and compact. Even more they make the cable weight less!
    Great nice replacement for older monitors, or in my case to connect my laptop to the big screen TV :)
    If u need a cable u should buy it, theres nothing to say more :)
  • great cable with great price

    posted by tomer123

    10 meter of cable, the longest that I have seen,not expensive, good materials and good preferment. nice looking and designednice transparent Blue color with metal fibers insidedoes not feel cheap...
    Good value for your money!in my country is much more expensive...
    if you need a long cable (I connect the TV to the computer) it is a good one !
  • Works well in eyefinity

    posted by TunTuri

    The digital-analog conversion is done in the VGA connector end, so the cable conducts digital signal thus eliminating a lot of interference. Also, the displayport-end is narrow, so if the displayport outlet(s) in the grafix card is/are close to other connectors, this wont block them.
    I use this in eyefinity setup with Radeon 5870 grafix card and three 1680x1050 monitors. Two of them are connected with DVI cables, but the third one must be a DP connection or an active DP adapter. Because all DP->VGA adapters are active adapters, those will work in eyefinity. Active DP->DVI adapters are a bit too costly for me (50 to 100 euros each). Also, active DP->VGA adapters work with DP's internal 3.3v source, where active DP->DVI adapters usually need external power. Passive DP->DVI adapters wont work in eyefinity, at least not with the Radeon 5xxx series.
    This is really good product for eyefinity setups, especially if you drive your monitors at relatively low resolutions (like 1680x1050, 1920x1080), so that the VGA signal doesn't blur the screen too much.


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