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These cool vga m are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

vga m Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and working cable

    posted by MisterNuLo

    Good cable for the price. it seems to be a solid and resistant cable. I used it to connect my laptop with a LCD TV and it works great. Good choice for those that don't want to spend a lot of money for a cable.
    Due the lack of reviews of this product I was afraid (a little bit) but now I'm happy with the shopping.
    In my opinion it's a good product. I recommend this cable.
  • Does the job, and well too!

    posted by didaz

    A cheap cable with great signalcapacity. I connected it from my laptop to my LCD-tv and got a clear picture with zero lag. Good quality of connectors.
    It does not have the disturbance-blocking of a $200 cable but since nearly no one has that need I would definitively recommend this product to everyone. Sometimes when you buy cables over the internet the connectors are bent or broken off, but in this case they where in perfect order condition and it did the intended job without a glitch.
  • good adapter

    posted by Richard250

    The build quality is suprising high! I cant find something like this where i live.
    If you dont got a DVI monitor or you wanna connect 2 monitors(like me). It works verry good. I had to config the screens with the nvidia control screen to have a desktop expansion.
    I tink when you dont have a DVI monitor you can better buy this adapter to connect an extra (old?) screen. If you have a DVI monitor you can better buy a DVI cable.
  • very good

    posted by hp80050

    This VGA cable is quite good. Feels heavy, rigid and thick.
    I've run this thing from my LCD TV to my Mediacenter PC along with loads of other cables and it seems to be very well shielded. No interference, color bleeding or other anoyances.
    For use in staticly mounted devices (like a PC or TV) this cable is great!
    What's else to say? Get this cable if you need one. Probably the best VGA cable that DX offers.
  • Good cost-benefit

    posted by Tonybsb

    It works fine and the solid construction transmits confidence (in addition to VGA sign, for sure...).The color is nice and the VGA connectors are adequate.
    It a cable afterall and it works. Maybe it is not the best cable in the market but for sure it is far from being the worst.
    If you have your monitor far away that you want to connect, this is a solution. It is a good cost- benefit option.

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