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vga display Customers Reviews

  • Greate product, bad Driver

    posted by amlrj

    In Win7 it´s nice to play. The resolution really work. It´s small, and really easy to use. Win tinks is it a more and normal new monitor plugged in the computer.
    The led use indicator is very bright but I can live with this :)
    Is it the best solution for me, because my computer does not have a HDMI port and my Led Tv does not have a VGA port.
  • Satisfatory

    posted by superlistas

    This product is very good to use a second monitor for office applications. Unfortunately you can not use with videos because of LAG.
    I tested with monitors:
    17" - 1366 x 768 / 19 "- 1440 x 900 - Satisfactory / 20" - 1600 x 900 - Satisfactory
    you have the fluidity to move the mouse pointer, but has no fluidity to move application windows.
    Directly connected to the USB port and connected via USB Hub. In both cases, it worked well with a noticeable lag. To work well with the office applications, but you can not use with 3D programs or image editing, due to lag.
    I intend to buy another to use in my notebook, for Office apps. Note + VGA Monitor + 2 USB 20".
    I recommend this product to anyone who wants to enhance your PC.
  • Good thougth it don´t work to me

    posted by Raul000

    Good price, shipping time and build quality. It seems good and solid. Good shipping packaging. It took two weeks to come from China.It´s difficult to find a MHL-VGA adapter, it´s more common the MHL-HDMI ones.
    It only works on 5 pins usb port devices. Mine is a Tab 3 with 11 pins, so it don´t works and I need to buy an adapter.
    I suppose it works OK if you have the correct device.
  • Small multipurpose and cheap

    posted by zzGhoStModzz

    Small, can be used for the hard to fit cooling operations. Has mounting holes so it can be easily installed. Build quality is not horrible, it seems pretty sturdy for something this small. Clear so awesome lighting affects can be achieved. Moves a decent amount of air for its size.
    I used this on a heatsink that I installed on a xbox 360 hana/ana chip, works well at keeping it cool.
    Great tiny fan which works for many applications. Cheap and worth every cent you pay.
  • Great Device does what it should do

    posted by ashwin911

    Easy to install, just install the drivers and plug the device in. Picture quality is great in full 1920*1080.
    The right drivers are on http://www.displaylink.com/ for anyone who needs them
    This device works great especially when you factor in the price.

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