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Every single vga cable white displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. View more by looking at 3m vga cable, cable to vga. With your support, we can do better.
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vga cable white Customers Reviews

  • Keep your older high quality projector...

    posted by janwesik

    Works as promised. Transforms my hdmi signal from my pc computer to VGA signal for my projector. Also works with my S7800B tablet bought here at DX. Can not see any quality degradation, no lagging or lost pixels.
    A very good solution when having an older but high quality projector and a modern computer graphics card.
    Well worth its price, now I can keep my projector also after installing a newer graphics card, and also play big screen games with the gamepad S7800B. (You need an mini adapter for the S7800B, but this you can buy very cheap at Dx).
  • Plug and Play!

    posted by Peter_Elzinga

    + Works out of the box. Plug it in, connect your display and Windows recognizes it just like a direct connected screen.+ The adapter never falls of when moving my computer or fidling with cables, thanks to the lock mechanism
    Make sure to use the button to disengage the lock mechanism, otherwise you will damage the adapter or even worse your graphics card! To prevent damage in case the VGA cable is being pulled, you can opt not to screw the VGA cable to the adapter. It will stay connected without the screws, but when pulled it will come loose so your adapter or graphics card are not damaged.
    Great for connecting more than two displays to your graphics card.
  • Great product!

    posted by khaiman

    Looks as an Apple productNice white color (not gray)Great qualityGreat packaging
    I found other adapter to VGA, is practically the same but cheaper. The only difference is the plastic packaging (much more better).IMPORTANT: I bought two adapters, 1 MiniDisplay Port and 1 Thunderbold port both to VGA. Both works exactly the same!! Great for Mackbook Pro/Mac Mini (Mid 2011 - late 2012)
    Really good deal. I recommend it, specially if you like a better packaging than a plastic bag.
  • Handy Device

    posted by DaGMan

    Does as it says on the package.Looks really cute.Comes with the adaptor for Mini HDMI.
    Make sure you are using correct resolution on the output device or it might not work with your VGA monitor.Doesn't work on RPI.
    Works on everything else I've tried it on, so if you need a HDMI to VGA, give it a shot.
  • very good device

    posted by doublem1

    The adapter is built with very good material, with white color. It has extra 3.5mm audio output to deliver the sound to an external speakers or audio amplifier. The adapter needs power to work correctly so it is equipped with power source female plug so the phone charger can be used to both charge the phone battery and power the adapter. The final output video is very good with no interference and as the same resolution and quality as it is on the main screen.
    Good practice where you need to display your smartphone on large external screen or projectors. Easy to install and use.

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