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On this page, you can find a wide selection of vga cable length. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Customers who purchased vga cable length also viewed vga video cable, vga cable converter. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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vga cable length Customers Reviews

  • very good

    posted by hp80050

    This VGA cable is quite good. Feels heavy, rigid and thick.
    I've run this thing from my LCD TV to my Mediacenter PC along with loads of other cables and it seems to be very well shielded. No interference, color bleeding or other anoyances.
    For use in staticly mounted devices (like a PC or TV) this cable is great!
    What's else to say? Get this cable if you need one. Probably the best VGA cable that DX offers.
  • Be careful with resolution and color depth

    posted by marinolinaje

    In order for this cable to work, your TV must be RGB. If it is Pr,Y,Pb IT WILL NOT WORK. You will find these markings next to the red, green and blue connectors on the back of your TV.
    Price may be cheaper somewhere, but I just trust on DX where I bought other products
    Buy it to connect your laptop/PC to your TV if you know TV accepts RGB and your laptop is able to generate RGB outputs (look for your graphic card capabilities).
  • Works well in eyefinity

    posted by TunTuri

    The digital-analog conversion is done in the VGA connector end, so the cable conducts digital signal thus eliminating a lot of interference. Also, the displayport-end is narrow, so if the displayport outlet(s) in the grafix card is/are close to other connectors, this wont block them.
    I use this in eyefinity setup with Radeon 5870 grafix card and three 1680x1050 monitors. Two of them are connected with DVI cables, but the third one must be a DP connection or an active DP adapter. Because all DP->VGA adapters are active adapters, those will work in eyefinity. Active DP->DVI adapters are a bit too costly for me (50 to 100 euros each). Also, active DP->VGA adapters work with DP's internal 3.3v source, where active DP->DVI adapters usually need external power. Passive DP->DVI adapters wont work in eyefinity, at least not with the Radeon 5xxx series.
    This is really good product for eyefinity setups, especially if you drive your monitors at relatively low resolutions (like 1680x1050, 1920x1080), so that the VGA signal doesn't blur the screen too much.
  • Needs your handwork

    posted by WaOsSa

    Useful and really, really cheap piece of hardware
    Despite the poor shielding, it's firmly constructed and doesn't feel to break unless you break it like I did.
    If you have time and knowledge to shorten cables (this had about a ten lines in it) and need something from your 360 to VGA-capable monitor, this is what you buy.
  • Doesn't work

    posted by FHilario

    Good cable quality. It is strong and flexible enough to use in desktop LCD or TV.Good length. Can use smartphone freely in front of TV or PC
    Could be more well specified (input + output)If someone make it work, please, let us know too, and let us improve DX reviews with new users ideas. Or indicate an alternative item do use combined qith that or instead of that.


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