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  • HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter Cable - White (15cm-cable)

    posted by Pandesal

    I used this adaptor to connect my Nikon camera with an HDMI and my old analog monitor with a VGA plug. AND IT WORKS. This is a great adaptor. After taking picture in my studio the image will display in the analog monitor. It also display pictures taken previously.
    Congratulation DX deal extremes. I enjoy doing business with you. Your are always my first priority when buying everything.
    Do not hesitate to buy this adaptor is you have a camera with HDMI and an analog Monitor. You will see your pictures bigger.
  • Good and easy to use product

    posted by vani172

    Everything worked just out of the box. I had no difficulties installing the cable and the display was working perfectly just like it was when using the original VGA cable. There was also no flickering or any other kind of problems. When I ordered the product I imagined that it would heat up a little bit while being used but that does not happen either, so I was pleasently supprised.
    The resolution I am using is 1366x768. I also tested eyefinity and it worked like a charm with only one digital and two analog displays.
    Great product. I strongly recommend it. The price wasn't that bad either. In my country the price of this cable(if I even manage to find anything similar) starts from about 60$.
  • good performance

    posted by zendajo

    It´s easy to use!! Just attach the device and the VGA cable and enjoy! Very useful for connecting your computer and your TV if it is hung on the wall and no room for a standard VGA connector...
    It´s ideal for small spaces when your VGA devices are close to the wall and have trouble connecting a standard VGA connector...
    Generally it´s a good product, with good quality and price and good performance. It´s does its job!!!
  • Handy DisplayPort converter for a reasonable price

    posted by pvossepoel

    Reasonable priceReasonable build qualitySturdy packaged
    One must know where it is used for. It shows DisplayPort Signal on a VGA monitor.
    This is a great product for the specific purpose of getting signal shown from a DisplayPort connection on a monitor with a VGA connector. This product works fine with us, only the cable might be too short for getting it in the desired position.This product is properly packaged and looks and feels solid.At first I ordered five to test it, since I have ordered ten additional.
  • Handy to have

    posted by NLHimself

    It helps bridge the gap between changing standards and other DX gadgets that have HMDI out only. I am using it with an android stick and a monitor that has component, dvi, composite, svideo inputs, can take 1080P but is natively 1680x1050. I had to use a vga gender changer on it, but it works great at 1080P. At all lower resolutions 720P the colours are off but you can see the screen to change settings.
    Other devices have sound, I wasn't sure this would work so I bought this on sale.
    I can watch netflix while on the treadmill using an old monitor.

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