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You will be surprised our best vga adapter male to male with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. hdmi female to vga male adapter or hdmi male to vga male contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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  • This product can convert DVI-D to VGA!!

    posted by Mizuho

    Great product! It can convert DVI-D to VGA. (Not only DVI-I)Now, I can connect between Projectors and DVI-D only video card.
    There are many HDMI to VGA converters. but DVI-D to VGA isn't.I'm looking for very long time like this.
    excellent gadget. but expensive a little.recently, almost Video cards have HDMI or Display Port. so the people who need this product may not many. but this is rare and important function.
  • Exellent!

    posted by PandorasBoxx

    Comes in a nice package. in fact its the only DX thing i have ordered that comes packed in other than bubble paper. Really well built, the video quality is great ( as you want it to be), No blinking no, lines no wierdness happening. My monitor was recognized by my laptop straight as i plugged in. This looks and feels like a fine product. Cheaper than apple is always a pro on my list.
    I considered buying SKU 27603 since its cheaper, but i went for this cause lets face it, its much nicer. The built quality did concern me when I ordered but this is absolutely great!
    BUY IT
  • Dongle for connecting laptop to monitor/projector

    posted by cgdb69dx

    Price is better than what you would get in stores.Looks snazzy.Appears well constructed.Converts HDMI signal to VGA
    I can't speak to the durability of it as I've only owned it for a day. As there were no reviews, I felt I should not wait to review it to let people know that it does actually work as a way to connect laptops with only hdmi out to projectors or monitors with VGA in.
    It works, and was cheaper than local stores.
  • Keep your older high quality projector...

    posted by janwesik

    Works as promised. Transforms my hdmi signal from my pc computer to VGA signal for my projector. Also works with my S7800B tablet bought here at DX. Can not see any quality degradation, no lagging or lost pixels.
    A very good solution when having an older but high quality projector and a modern computer graphics card.
    Well worth its price, now I can keep my projector also after installing a newer graphics card, and also play big screen games with the gamepad S7800B. (You need an mini adapter for the S7800B, but this you can buy very cheap at Dx).
  • It Works

    posted by dgspeedyz

    It works and converts digital to analog so the display can accept it. Had no problem detecting the make and model of the screen and it showed the manufacture in windows. The box is small so it can be hidden behind the desktop.
    worked without issues that were hindering usefulness.
    If you want to use a vga monitor with hdmi connection. this will do the trick for you. it does the signal conversion for you.

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