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vehicle white light 12v Customers Reviews

  • Very nice LED lamp

    posted by lsgimenes

    Very nice price, good built quality, low current consume, very bright, good to use in car dashboard. The white is really very white (not bluish).
    I bought a lot of this LED to change the original bulbs of my car dashboard. Works very well, i don't have any problem with them.
    I bought a lot of this LED to change the original bulbs of my car dashboard. Works very well, i don't have any problem with them.
  • Yay, I have light again.

    posted by asbjorn

    For some reason, our van eats the ceiling lamps (we have 2 in our van). Not sure why, may be the alternator that put out a lot of power. I have looked in every car part shop in our area without finding LED lamps in this size. All I've found are the longer (6 led) laps. And finally at DX I manage to find the the right size. Yay. And when the cost of order one from DX with freight for less money that it cost to take the bus to town and back, what more can you wish for...
  • Need a regulation!!

    posted by bobele

    - Small package
    - First REAL white
    - Looks nice in my peugeot 206
    - Easy install - like normal lamp
    It looks REALY good in Peugeot 206. If you wish to use it longer put a small regulation in front, else it burns out in 4 to 6 months!!!
    In our land they sell such lights for 5 to 10 EURO on cheap! If you make a regulation for the lamps you can have them all your life! With this price you just buy more of them!! Your friends will be happy and you have your money back ;)
  • Awesome as parking lights

    posted by olle0047

    True white light, sends light in all directions, adn it looks awesome. The quality feels good, and to get it into my light i had to scrape it along the plastic pretty hard, but still worked when mounted! so definitively seems like good quality.
    Good for use as parking lights, might buy some for daytime running lights in the rear altso.In comparison the exact ones here in Norway costs 39usd...
    Buy it if you think it will fit your socket, mine didnt but i made it fit.check out the picture above of before and after that im putting up!
  • Great Product

    posted by DjDre

    Great Bright white bundlei use it in my BMW E36 with angel eye's and they look perfect with themnot that boring yellow-ish glowIt's just plug & play, so it's very easy.Perfect fit, and the plasic fitting is better than the glass ones from the original lights.
    It was my 1st order from DX, just to test theur qualityHere in the Netherlands you pay € 5,- easy for these lights, so i can just advise anyone BUY IT!!!
    Great Value for the asking price.Don't get scammed and pay more for expensive LED'S, just get these here little lights

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