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vehicle video recorder

You'll find the best vehicle video recorder for you here. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. channel video recorder or video recorder recorder contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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vehicle video recorder Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by SpectralUA

    + All stated specifications are met. + Camera easy to use, the interface is intuitive, not loaded with more than functional. + H.264 codec provides a good compression to save space on your memory card.
    Not equipped with a charger, which limits its application only in the car.
    Camera is quite good at the task. Its light weight allows it to hold on and not fall off. Easy mounting. The presence HDMI port enhances the viewing filmed material.
  • Very Nice Action Camera

    posted by maucool

    - Well quality material.- Really waterproof (not sumergible)- Wide angle- Strong enought to handle vibrations. (off road motorcycling)- Algo handles a few fell downs...- Nice interface and easy controls.- Very recomendable for "starting" filming hobby or enthusiasts with low budget.- Nice filming quality (also very recomendable as security camera)- More than enougth atachable options.- well distance remote control
    - Very exposed lenss (I never broke it, but it stills worrie me)- Better if it doesn´t films sound and has option for external mic.- Also should be better with only one conector (microusb) and forget about all other conectors...
    I really have it, used it a few weeks, but after a few more weeks, it's on the closet gathering powder.
  • Not bad for the money....

    posted by Doody1983

    Start automatically, seems to record over the oldest files on the card - but more time will tell. I modified my mount so it would sit more flush, but the suction mount does seem to hold well, once you get it on there. The cam is very light though so even if it falls, it probably won't hurt it. Resolution is okay for general video, but it is hard to read licenses plates even if parked in front of you. It's small size also makes it hard to notice and puts it out of the way up near the top of the windscreen.
    If you are looking for a small sized camera to get the job done as a simple video logger, this would be a good buy.
  • Love it!

    posted by cute35

    Ordered on 8/21/2012. I just got it today 9/28/2012. I must say "wow" for the price of this? It's worth buying in my opinion. Easy to install, Recording/Camera Quality is good, I love it!
    It took way too long to reach my destination but was worth the waiting honestly.
    I would recommend to try the cheapest one first in my opinion then upgrade it, That's just me. I'm so looking forward into purchasing more like this for my friends and my family. And many more other items on this site.
  • Not so good

    posted by drpgs

    This is a simple car camcoder with good cradle, which allow you to mount recorder on the front glass of the car. The long cable is suitable to hide it under covering. This model has the remote control by infrared sensor.
    I made a switch to turn off the infrared light, because it can work only for a short distance. But first of all I made the sound isolation of the buttons from the microphone.

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