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  • Very good.

    posted by JuanE

    Excellent image quality. Works perfect with different signs: camera, tv, etc. Ideal for installation in the car with a camera snap.
    No tiene regulaciones de brillo y contraste. At night it looks black and white with very little day light and the colors are very good.
    Very good image quality and build quality. They will not regret buying it.
  • The best reverse camera

    posted by Csupi76

    I bought this camera to upgarde my harvester.The picture quality more than perfect. The night vision mode is clear and the visible range is perfect.
    The fixing screws of the positioning are missing from package, but it's not an big problem. The sun visor is good idea to protect the camera
    Best camera for this price. Excellent quality....
  • It's OK

    posted by Tui1965

    Everything works OK, -Good large screen. Pixel ratio is good. I image quality when shaded is good -Very easy to operate, touch buttons work perfectly -2 input sources, Bluetooth works well.
    I've had this installed for over a month now and have been putting up with the glare problem, I'm not sure I can put up with it much longer because it annoys me every time I look at it. I'm going to relocate it to a better place (not sure exactly where yet, space is a problem)
    Works OK and is good for the price,
  • Works very well

    posted by EdHarriss

    The display is great. (even though it is a little on the small side) The camera swivels up and down, making it easy to point the right direction. I also like the fact that this isn't wireless. Because there is no interference the picture is solid.
    It is powered from the camera end of the setup. So, you'll need to find something powered that turns off/on in the back of the vehicle. (Or run a long power cord to the back.) I used the light above the license plate.

    Although it did not come with instructions, it was still easy to install. Red wire is positive, black is negative. Everything else just plugs in.
    Good product. If I had 2 cars, I'd buy another.
  • One of the best deal on DealExtreme!

    posted by psyko_chewbacca

    -Good large screen. Pixel ratio is good. I image quality is good!-Very easy to operate, touch buttons are snappy:)-2 input sources-Decent amount of options in the configuration menu-Multiple language-Remote-Can be removed to help prevent car theft.-Reflects enough to use it as your main mirror when not in use.
    I bought this screen some time ago and since the day I received it I left it in my car. Where I live, it's winter and temps can get as low as -20 Celsius. The screen is working fine even at those temps!I bought this to connect it to my Xbox running XBMC. I listen to movies and play games with it. Image quality is good. Just make sure you install a filter on the power line. At first I got interference in my image because of it.I am really impressed with the quality of this device! I did not think it would survive the cold. As of now it is still working great.
    I bought this screen without the bluetooth option because I don't drive with it. I only install it while I am parked. The bluetooth option seemed not necessary. The remote is also of no use for me. I used it only to set my config menu options.I like this solution for a LCD in a car because I can remove the screen without alot of effort. The only downside is that a little bit of dust managed to get between the plastic screen and the LCD screen.Thanks DealExtreme for this device!

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