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  • Detects all speed cameras but also surrounding radars

    posted by xpertechmu

    The radar detector is useful , i tested it with both handheld , movable and fixed cameras (in Mauritius). It informs you via a voice alert about the presence of cameras in a range of about 500 to 800 m.
    The radar could have been more precise detecting only speed cameras.
    Very useful radar detector for its price and can make you save a lot on tickets, lol
  • Excellent.

    posted by AdimW

    Great tracker, responds well to all commands, the manual is not TOO chinglish. I have it setup on GPRS as I dont like the text setup, the software it comes with is buggy and crashes a lot so I'm now using OpenGTS which works great. Very quick answer, good battery if you disconnect it from the car's battery. Easy to install. Can cut engine and resume easily,
    I recommend this device, its kinda cheap, and works very well (almost 1 year in my car). You can use an app to send commands from your android phone.
    Worth every penny
  • It's perfect to track tour car or motorcycle

    posted by ESCORIA

    To everyoneThis tracker is very small, allowing to be hidden anywhere in the car or bike.I use the same device to track my car and my bike, but for this, I had to change the connection plug to permit the quick exchange.To BrazilEste rastreador é bem pequeno, possibilitando que seja escondido em qualquer parte do carro ou da moto.Utilizo o mesmo aparelho para rastrear meu carro e minha moto, mas para isto, tive que trocar o plug de conexão para possibilitar a troca rápida.
    To everyoneAt Brazil, it works with a lot of mobile companies, like TIM, Claro and Oi. It doesn't work at VIVO, but for me, it doesn't matter.I use it with a Tim Chip and I expend R$ 17/monthTo BrazilNo Brasil, funciona na maioria das operadoras de telefonia celular, menos na VIVO, o que não me importa, pois os planos são muito caros.Utilizo com um TIM CHIP do plano Infinity pré e gasto R$ 17,00 por mês.
  • I Recommend!

    posted by maxpock

    It work well! I have onde in my car and one on my Motorcycle, here in my country we have lots of problems related to theft, I have 2 friends who found their cars using onde of this!
    I installed in my bike and asked a frind to find me using a mobile gps, I went to another city, and hided, after some minutes he was there!
    Not so hard to install, the manual is in english, good details on all parts.
    Works exactly as it is announced, Highly recommended!
  • COmplete tracking system

    posted by ivanyto

    Im really surprised by this product. Is small like a celular (you could put it easly on any site). It comes with an internal battery (similar to the cell phones) and it gives you 2 or 3 dais of tracking you out any other energi requeriment. YOu could set many options like: follow (it send you the possition every XX mins) or SMS (It only gives the position once you send a SMS to the cell number), You coud cut energi (or anithing that you want to cut with a rele), It comes with a SOS control to put on your vehicule (it send a SMS to 3 numbers that you set if the buton is pressed)
    You could use it on a motorccle, on a car, on a box (to follow a charge) on a truck... on yourself if you are going to be on a hard place. Or you could use it with and old man to see where is he and using the sos you could know if he needs help and where is he all that he need to know if that if there is any problem he have to touch a boton...How it works?You send SMS with code and password (to avoid anyone find your position) You could change the password.The only that this product needs to work is a cell phone card. I use it on argentina with a movistar pre paid line and it works perfect. Also I dont need to have charge all the time, if there is any problem, i could make a "credit charge" and use it... so you could have this product working for many months with a very low cost.
    Great product. Im going to buy another for mi car.You could tracking anything whit this product for a very low cost.

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