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vacuum set Customers Reviews

  • Great product!

    posted by isamacedo

    - It really saves a lot of space, and protects your clothes, blankets, pillow from fungus.- The pump is very easy to use, and works perfectly, it just takes a little longer to remove the air, compared with the vacuum cleaner.
    If you want to save space in the closet, if you are going to travel and want space in the suitcase, this is the right product for you. You can use the vacuum cleaner instead of the pump to remove the air of the bags, and speed up the process.
    You must be careful when using the bags, to not cause any damage, such as holes and rips.
  • Practical, useful and beautiful

    posted by glaubermf

    An excellent purchase, one of the best I've ever done in DX. The plastic is firm, the clasp is secure, the finish is flawless. The larger bag is large enough to fit two double duvets. The pump is a perfect size, not too small, so that the service is not income, not too big that impede its operation or storage. The rate of compression of the items placed inside the bags depends on the quantity of air within them but, for example, reduce the duvets 4 to 5 times.
    It is a great option to save space and protect your clothes and blankets from dust, moths, odors and moisture.
    Buy it! You are not gonna regret.
  • Nice sturdy material and good sealing

    posted by ratronix

    It is made of a hard-looking plastic, but flexible enough to be bent. Harder than a plastic bag. 6 bags of different sizes. Nice isolation: the air does not get out of the plastic bag once is sealed.Easy mechanism for the pump. Can be used also with vacuum cleaners.
    it requires more or less the same effort than to inflate (pump up) a soccer ball or similar, the only difference is that instead of putting air in, you take it out.
    Nice product. i had found it in spain, but there was no pump included, so in case of not having a vacuum you can keep using the bags.
  • Handy, but beware the quality

    posted by dxtremer

    It's a handy tool when you're about to remove heated surface soldered components off the circuit board.Nozzle attachment seems flimsy, but is afterall quite okay.
    It is much smaller than the picture made me think it is. It's only about 9 cm long with a suction nozzle attached."Made in U.S.A." -- I don't think so.
    It's a handy tool, but beware the quality. I got only 1 working suction nozzle out of 3.


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